Saturday, September 15, 2007

The Modern Journalist

Brighton Argus reporter Louise Acford sounds a bit of a girl :

A festival-goer who killed three friends in a horrific crash after necking up to three ecstasy tablets and falling asleep at the wheel was jailed for four years today.

Not only had she been necking Es, but :

Snaresbrook Crown Court heard Clarke admitted she had fallen asleep at the wheel and later confessed to taking half an ecstasy tablet during the pop festival. But toxicology tests revealed she had probably popped up to three pills during the day or taken a tablet shortly before leaving to drive home.

So she 'necked' pills - or did she 'pop' them ? I'm surprised Ms Acford didn't inform us that the defendant was 'off her face', that the car was 'totalled' and the unfortunate passengers 'completely ****ed'.

Does she have a sense of humour ?

Judge Kennedy said you would have to be "made of stone not to be touched by the tragedy on that day". He told Clarke, dressed in a pink flower pattern dress: "You know that you should not have been on the road that night".

Why was the judge wearing a pink flower pattern dress to address the defendant ?

(While Ms Acford may be amusing, the story isn't. The injuries sound like something de Sade might have imagined.)

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