Sunday, September 09, 2007

Repent And Be Saved !

The great and good Nick Cohen becomes greater and gooder, breaking ranks on the great liberal myth that concern about crime is "moral panic".

An interesting comment by Frank Fisher ("Mr PikeBishop") as well :

Murder has always been at the top of the pyramid of crime, and it still is, but the base has spread greatly. Where once three quarters of murders were "domestics" - husbands, wives, lovers - today that accounts for just a third. In other words, the growth in murder has largely been in new areas: gang crime in particular, random street killings a close second.


Voyager said...

Ed Balls is the product of a sheltered life in Norwich, independent school in Nottingham, Oxford, Harvard, FT.....he has never had to do anything physical not deal with physical is all words and glib phrases.....a salon socialist.

That is the problem - Hermann Hesse's Glass Bead Game....they have no idea of but a morbid fear of physical violence and will shrink from confrontation through avoidance or denial

David Duff said...

Another "isolated incident" to add to your list:

Anonymous said...

This comment is glib and deeply disingenuous:

"The 17-year-old wasn't white and middle class, like Madeleine McCann, nor did he have an extended family to mourn him, like Rhys Jones."

The implication is that murders of blacks are un- or under-reported, which even a cursory glance at the media in the past five years would render absolutely absurd.

Cohen might finally be seeing the light on Islamofascism but he still has a long way to go.