Thursday, September 13, 2007

More Brussels Video

Cranmer : This is the heart of the European Union. If this can happen in the EU’s capital city, it could happen anywhere throughout the Union. The United Kingdom has spent centuries developing its liberties, all emanating from religious differences, but gradually, one by one, they are being subsumed to the religio-political ideology of Euro-nationalism. One used to have the right to protest peacefully, the right to state one’s view upon a religion, the right to cause offence, the right to profess an article of faith according to conscience. Now it appears that only Muslims have this right – the right to march with threats of violence, the right to demand the death of the Pope, the right to demand the slaughter of British servicemen in Iraq and Afghanistan, the right to deny the divinity of Jesus, the right to demean the Bible and assert the supremacy of the Qur’an.

Islam is becoming the de jure religion of the state. While Christianity is reviled by the forces of secularism, and the blasphemy laws have ceased to have any meaning at all, Islam is moving in to fill the vacuum. And neither the politicians nor the media dare question its inceasing power, influence, or its becoming the default religious setting of many EU member states.

As in Brussels, so in the UK - the likelihood of being allowed to protest or demonstrate is inversely proportional to the degree of violence to be expected from those who oppose you. And one group seem to have a monopoly when it comes to raising the expectation of violence. It's instructive to compare the treatment of the Brussels demonstrators with that of the London marchers who incited murder.


Voyager said...


Read up on Commissioner Frattini's plans for your future....Lisbon Meeting October 2007

Anonymous said...

According to Kathy Shaidle (linked by Mark Steyn), the ruling Socialist Party in Brussels has 10 Muslims among its 17 members. This may explain this new thugocracy in Europe's 'capital'.
We can only wish Belgium a speedy dissolution.

Anonymous said...

Goodnight, Europe !

Anonymous said...

Can we leave yet?