Monday, September 10, 2007

More Isolated Incidents

Reading murder of Margaret Dolan : The results of a post-mortem examination, carried out on Saturday, revealed she had been asphyxiated, said Thames Valley Police spokeswoman Rebecca Webber. Detective Inspector Dave Hubbard, leading the investigation, said: “I would like to reassure the community of Reading that this is an isolated incident, and that we are not at this stage looking for anyone else in connection with the inquiry.”

Newcastle murder of John Hudson : The death was an "isolated incident", according to Northumbria Police.

Funny - that's what they said about the stabbing on Diana Street a fortnight ago.

The theft of £5,000 from an elderly lady in Windermere : A police spokeswoman said: “This is an isolated incident, unusual for the area. However it has left an elderly woman very distressed.”

Hertfordshire triple murder : "It's an isolated incident and one I hope we never see repeated."


Malthebof said...

Could they all be singing from a ACPO issued hymn sheet?

Anonymous said...

Absolutely yes.

Anonymous said...

"Come along now, nothing to see. Everything is in order. The situation is under control. This is an isolated incident. It is nothing to do with a general breakdown in law and order. The police are in control. No need to fan the flames. blah blah blah, blah blah, blah".

Amongst the best paid public servants in the countery, get to retire on full pension at 45 and quite the most incompetent. They are good at marketing themselves though (until reality comes along and rapes your daughter or stabs your son).

bodo said...

Partially sighted Colin Greenwood had stopped using his white stick because it attracted numerous 'isolated incidents' of abuse - including attacks.

The two children who kicked him to death in April are currently on trial.