Friday, May 04, 2007

Local Elections

Was it Mao who, asked his opinion of the French Revolution, replied 'it's too early to tell ?'.

All we can say with certainty is that whenever Labour change the voting systems in an attempt to increase their vote, disaster, corruption and incompetence follow. See Mr Eugenides for the gory details (swearing alert).

PragueTory don't like the BBC coverage.

Ian Dale :

"I cannot believe that the BBC is saying a 41% vote share for the Conservatives is slightly disappointing. Actually, I can."

One thing we can say is that the 'chip and bin' system introduced by the Lib Dems in Bournemouth isn't very popular.

More later.


alex zeka said...

Faced up against a party which has become a by-word for corruption and casual deceit second only to its smarmy leader - think Mandelson and his Indians, Blunkett and his nannies and paternity tests, Grenada, Cherie and her Aussie convicted illegal immigrants - yes, it is disappointing to only get 41%. As a result of the UK's tangled electoral system, that is barely enough to gain an overall majority for the Tories at general election time. Will anybody want to ally with them? 'Course not, the Lib Dems only act blue when they're running for seats in the South.

A contest between the super-annuated gimps loyal to smarmy Tony vs. those loyal to smarmy Dave was never going to get the voters' blood racing. Now, if he had set up his own position and stuck to a policy of opposition to New Lab, Dave's lot might have done better. They didn't, and their booby prize is going to be a fractured, weak gov't without a good majority, and with the electorate already thoroughly bored, after 3 terms of NL, of their PR-men antics.

It ain't pretty, but I can't help feeling its just.

Jim Miller said...

Not Mao, Chou En-Lai.