Thursday, May 03, 2007

It's Not All Bad ...

I've blogged afore about the over-representation of ethnic minorities in the NHS, universally accepted by the great and the good as a Good Thing.

I wonder if this is a side-effect ? Ethnic minority doctors would IMHO be more religious than the natives - they could hardly be less.

Opposition to abortions is growing among family doctors with nearly a quarter refusing to refer women for terminations and a fifth wanting the procedure banned outright, according to a survey published today. The poll by doctors' newspaper Pulse found 24% of GPs would not sign referral forms for an abortion and 19% believe abortion should be illegal.

The survey of 309 GPs also found that more than half (55%) wanted the current 24-week limit for abortions to be reduced. The findings have heightened fears by women's and sexual health organisations that Britain is heading for an abortions crisis due to a shortage of doctors prepared to carry out terminations.


typpquiu said...

The "abortions crisis" is caused by women who wilfully conceive new life that they don't want. Let these babies be born and there are childless couples who would welcome and love them.

The "feelings" of the woman who conceived, of her own free will, aren't really relevant. I don't see that she has any, other than a vague, chippy sense of inconvenience and loss of benefits.

Observer said...

I think you may be in error. Rather as there are very many Christian Believers in the Army so too are there in the Medical profession

Just because legislators say you can terminate life does not mean you authority was available in the past for such policies