Saturday, May 05, 2007

"First Asian MSP goes to Holyrood"

Bashir Ahmad was at the top of the SNPs list for the Glasgow area, so was always in with a good shout of election. Ah well, at least he said he was proud to represent the people of Scotland at Holyrood. His Welsh equivalent, Mohammed Asghar, said he "will be serving with my heart and soul for ethnic minorities which are a definite part of the United Kingdom and Wales". None of this nonsense about working for everyone.

Back to Mr Ahmad. "He said that a school for the children of Muslim parents in Scotland was one of his main goals."

It certainly is. A goal in pursuance of which he's prepared to disrupt Mass in a Catholic school. I wonder how many Glaswegian Catholics voted SNP ?


verity said...

Well, Mohammed Asghar, I will be working with all my heart and soul to eject you and your fellows from my beautiful country, the mother of Parliaments and the mother of freedom.

If you are working for invaders to my country, you will have to be monitored carefully. Also, be really, really careful of your funding, because people are watching you.

I mean that.

Laban said...

Verity - same as your comments in Anthony Lynton Blair.

Calm down. The problem isn't Mr Asghar. He's just trying it on, a natural human tendency, pushing to see how far he can go. Which turns out to be rather a long way. The problem is the people who accept this - indeed ignore it. The problem is "us".

As for the monitoring and watching - if you mean it I wouldn't talk about it. I shall continue to monitor what's in the public domain.

Martin said...

"I wonder how many Glaswegian Catholics voted SNP"

Not guilty, your honour.

verity said...

Laban - It still amazes how lax the British have been about protecting their liberties and insisting that newcomes fit in.

Newcomers to the US can't wait to settle in and be referred to as Americans. Often, immigrants become more American than Americans. That's because there are rules.

Yes, Asghar is "trying it on". That is a formal muslim technique. Every inch gained is colonised. I can't believe how supine the British are.

Voyager said...

Often, immigrants become more American than Americans.

That too is less evident in the case of Hispanics....and the Hmong....and Somalis

The critical mass is what is important....I don't see a huge integration into common cultural values in the USA, simply an acculturation to money values

verity said...

Voyager - you say you don't see an acculturation into common values in the US, but I certainly did when I lived there. Oriental Americans act exactly the same as Caucasian Americans. So do Mexican-Americans. (I am referring to Mexican-Americans; not Mexicans living temporarily in the US.) In fact, I know a few Mexican-Americans here, in Mexico, and they are more American than they are Mexican.

The illegals are there to work and send money home and they intend to go home one day. Many of them, of course, never do, and stay illegal.

As Mexico becomes more prosperous, this will dry up to a large extent. Most men would rather be in the heart of their families - Mexicans are big on family - than alone, just living among other men. In the city I live in, in a conservative state, anyone who wants a job can find a job. There are signs up in shop and restaurant windows: kitchen worker wanted; delivery rider wanted; sales help wanted.

Although there are people driving 10-year old cars, there are thousands more driving late models. Supermarket car parks are jammed, as is parking for DIY stores and shopping malls. There is absolutely no reason for anyone from a conservatively run state to go to the US to find work illegally. There is plenty of work at home. If only the stupid socialists could get their heads round capitalism, they could keep their own young men at home, too.

verity said...

To address your point more directly, Voyager, as I realise I appeared to glide over it,I do see the transfer of cultural values, although it it usually overlaid on the traditional values of the immigrants. For example, American inclusivity is one of the first thing that immigrants seem to adopt. The Chinese don't have to adapt to a money culture, as they wrote the book, but in my experience, most immigrants seem to buy into the hard-work ethos of the United States.

Voyager said...

Mexicans are big on family - than alone

which is why Hispanics have very high rates of illegitimate children, huge rates of HIV, heavy involvement in gang warfare - and exceed the White population in all these areas by a disproportionate margin.

If integration is so successful there will be no necessity to post signs in Spanish or to teach Ebonics or other variants on the lingua franca Britain provided

Frankly the stagnating real living standards of blue-collar Americans over the past 2-3 decades are consequences of such large immigration and use of maquiladoras by GM and other companies.

I think the only reason that Britain is in worse shape than the US in this regard is space. The economic geography of Britain is both skewed and concentrated with people being either "in" or "out" based on location - the US economy is much more sophisticated and diverse than that in any European country - with simply more opportunities and less requirement for everyone to live in New York

Laban said...

I got chatting to a Mexican girl in a Vegas MacDs. Most of the other staff addressed Mexican customers in Spanish, but she insisted on speaking English even to her compatriots. "I want to get on in America" she said, "you have to speak the language". She'll have no problemo integrating.

I'm not sure I can say the same about all her compatriots though ... take a look at the Faceright blog.

Dave said...

Yeah and La Raza don't have a campaign to 'retake' the South West.

Foxy Brown said...


How long are you, i.e the English, prepared to put up with pandering to every whim of the minorities in this country, under the guise of being tolerant? It pains me to say this but we are in a situation where "The black has the whip hand over the white man." (Enoch Powell)

verity said...

Dave - Yes. They're a bunch of lefty militants. It's the same mindset as those who started campaigning for free schooling (in Spanish) for children of illegal aliens. In fact, illegal aliens had marches in places like LA and Houston.

I can see that some tribes in the Southwest have a historical connection with Mexico, but now they're trying to claim the Souix and so on. But if there is one thing that the left has learned, it is that it is impossible to be so outrageous that some opportunistic legislators and lawyers will not heave themselves onto your bandwagon.