Saturday, May 05, 2007

Compare and Contrast


Screening 'may help stem TB rise'

Introducing targeted tuberculosis screening would help to combat the recent rise in UK cases, a study says.

Researchers from Queen Mary's School of Medicine found that offering screening at GP surgeries increased detection rates by over a third, the Lancet said.


Tuberculosis screening demanded for areas with many immigrants

Patients should be screened for tuberculosis in areas with high migrant populations where the disease is on the rise, researchers say.

A study in today’s Lancet medical journal found that 13 per cent more TB cases were detected when general practices used active screening in Hackney, East London, boosting rates of vaccination against the disease.

Here's another downside. When I saw the headline I thought 'but no-one chews tobacco any more'. Not something you'd have had to worry about in Ealing 50 year back - although when I lived in Leeds in the 70s the buses still had "No Spitting" signs on them :

People who spit in the street will be forced to clean up or face an £80 fine, police in north London have said.

The clampdown is particularly aimed at chewers of paan, a tobacco leaf-based mixture, which authorities blame for staining pavements in central Wembley.

Posters and leaflets are being handed out warning spitting is "unhygienic" and an "act of anti-social behaviour". "Paan damages walls and pavements and costs taxpayers thousands of pounds a year to clean," said Ch Insp Raj Kohli. Paan spittle hotspots are Ealing Road and part of the High Road near St Johns Road, according to Brent Council.


verity said...

Another good way of getting rid of tuberculosis would be returning immigrants to their countries of origin. They're a drain on the British taxpayer, who owes them precisely nothing.

Blognor Regis said...

Doing the gobs the natives won't?

(Not that many natives are that restrained either mind.)

Foxy Brown said...

The United States, Canada and Australia conduct tests on all migrants who wish to enter their countries. What do they know that we don't?

verity said...

Foxy - they don't have lefty, one-worlder communist governments.

Anthony Lynton Blair is probably the most dangerous man ever to have had power in Britain. I was astonished that my fellow citizens didn't intuit this when they first bought into his cheap, tinsel flim-flam. It was so obvious. He was cheap. I despaired the second time. I feared for their sanity the third time.

Anonymous said...

Verity, the US gets round by leaving the southern back door wide open. Illegal immigrants dont get tested.

verity said...

Anonymous 1:05 -If you think the "back door" is open, you have never been to the border.

That said, it's around 2,500 miles long and they cannot patrol every foot of it. The electronic, virtual fence is working pretty well.

By and large, Mexicans are healthier than Africans. There is free healthcare for the poor, including free hospitalisation.

NAFTA was formulated for several purposes, one of which was to create jobs in Mexico and obviate the necessity for young men to leave their families, take a risk and seek work in the US. In many conservatively run cities in Mexico today, it is rare to have someone in the family working in the US illegally. (Plenty of legals in universities, though, and training in specialist subjects like cardiology and oncology in some of the great teaching hospitals in the US).

The very poor are still driven to better themselves, though, from the lefty run states whose cities and states are a typical socialist mess.

A big problem now is, Guatamalans transitting Mexico via coyotes, to get into the US illegally, or coming to Mexico to try to find work. They come to Mexico illegally and they are almost impossible to detect as they are the same race as the Mexicans and, obviously, speak the same language.

In Central America, Mexico is seen as the land of milk and honey.

President Calderon won the last presidential election by promising to take Mexico further into the global economy. That is a pretty sophisticated concept for voters who, until Calderon's predecessor President Fox, had never had a capitalist administration in its history. Now it's Katy-bar-the-door. That there could have been such a change in attitude and perceptions within one generation is rather mind-boggling.

President Fox served six years. When President Calderon, assuming he is reelected at the end of his first term, leaves office after his six years, there will be an entire generation of Mexican children who have never known anything but a capitalist economy.

Anonymous said...

Which begs the question Verity, just how is that millions of illegal Mexicans are living in the US?

Anonymous said...

Verity, globalisation is the problem. You cant deride one world egalitarians and then praise the march of faceless corporations across the planet.

The paradox of current politics is that global elites get to do what the hell they want and the very people who would stand up to them back them up. Bush and the like want to flood the US with 3rd worlders to destroy the US middle and working class. Thats what globalisation will do for the rich in the US. But they dont even have to defend that pubically, not in the slightest.


Because when the issue is raised its those on the liberal/left who go on the attack sniffing out 'racism'.

Its so beautiful, you have to admire it.

Right here in Blighty we've got anti-globalisation protestors who will trash a McDonalds at the drop of a hat but actively support the ingress of millions of Muslims.

Those in power must be feeling well satisfied.