Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Light blogging ...

But I see our masters are trying to change the language again.

Should the term 'asylum' be banned?

Ironic really. They were previously known as "aliens seeking political asylum", but it was decided that had overtones of ... well, difference.

Now apparently they'll be'sanctuary-seekers' or similar.

In the survey of 1,000 people aged over 17, which was conducted by Efeedback, more than 81% of those surveyed felt "sanctuary" had positive connotations.
With its connotations of posh women-only health clubs.

(The Independent Asylum Commission, btw is independent - in the same way that the SWP is independent. It's the usual mix of activist judges and activist lawyers, with the odd leftie cleric thrown in for respectability.)

(Further to my post on African anti-immigration riots, I see the Berbers and Arabs are also kicking up rather than celebrating difference)