Thursday, May 22, 2008

It's the long hours culture I tell you ...

what stops one's blogging ... and the fact that I got back last night and slumped in front of what turned into a cracking match, played at hight speed with 'high commitment' aka tackles flying in all over the place.

With a few minutes of normal time to go .. 'I bet someone'll be sent off in extra time' - but I thought it would be for a late tackle, not a piece of foolishness like Drogba's. Tevez (who seemed to start it off) must have been delighted, but fair play to those from both sides who hauled Vidic away - he's a great player and his battle with Drogba was epic.

Poor John Terry. Remember Beckham's penalty slip ? And poor Avram Grant - I hope he stays.

Meanwhile ... the handcart to hell rattles on its predestined path ... the Fatherless Children Bill is passed, another little black girl dies in suspicious circumstances while the social workers are looking the other way, more feral youths are convicted of murder even as the last-but-five gang of feral youths are granted leave to appeal, and a "Justice Minister" makes soothing noises to the family of the last-but-twenty-three, just like a "Justice Minister" made soothing noises to the family of the last-but-five gang's victim. 'Tis a familiar tale. Still, say not the struggle nought availeth - even if it does look that way.

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Anonymous said...

Laban you missed out another outrage
Yet another immigrant doing the jobs Brits won't do. What bothers me in this case is the police must know who the actual shooter was. Yet no prosecution resulted. Why not. The BBC isn't telling us. The other scumbag "Gnango" from Sierra Leone no less, probably has a British passport now. The chances of the spineless bastards at the Home Office taking that away are next to nil. So we keep this creature in prison for years and have to suffer his presence when they let him out in a few years time.