Friday, May 23, 2008

Farewell To The Thirty-Foot Trailer (and the Lamborghini)

Despite the fact that, as everyone knows, travellers are poor people who never have any money, one does find the occasional band of tarmacers or roof-repairers who target old ladies and are then found at the trial to have hundreds of thousands of pounds salted away.

This chap doesn't deal with such small change.

A convicted fraudster who masterminded a huge tax scam has been ordered to pay back almost £7m. Noel Young, who imported and sold luxury cars, was sentenced to 28 months after admitting conspiracy to commit VAT fraud and money laundering. The 32-year-old, from Carlisle, is already serving seven years for causing death by dangerous driving.

The £7m order, granted at Liverpool Crown Court, is thought to be one of the largest ever made. Young, of The Green, Houghton, was found to have benefited by £10,551,747, and was described by Judge David Aubrey QC as "a manipulative and deceitful individual". The fraud involved more than 250 vehicles and the total value of the scam was more than £14m, the court heard.

During proceedings last month, Young claimed that he could barely read or write as he is "a Gypsy" and never had any schooling as his family had travelled around.

Hmmm. He can add up, though, can't he ?