Sunday, April 06, 2008

Native Children A Minority In London - Official

From the (extremely politically correct - more a work of propaganda than objective reporting) latest ONS Social Trends Report. Given the number of Eastern Europeans who have arrived, the percentage of natives will be lower than the headline 47%.

And a couple of related posts.

Wat Tyler is talking to two senior London teachers and Old Labour ex-activists at a family gathering :
It's always been entertaining chatting to them at family weddings and funerals over the years, because back in the Old Days, they were long serving Labour activists.

And in 1997, although they never liked Bliar, they were rejoicing at their brave new dawn after 20 years of hurt. They rejoiced that the depraved political ideas espoused by people like Tyler had been consigned to the dustbin of history.

What a difference a decade makes- these days, they have withdrawn to the political sidelines, ignored and angry ...

Well, mass immigration must be stopped. Schools simply can't cope with the ludicrous babel of languages now forced on them. Let alone the cultural conflicts.

Come to that, immigration is behind most of the social problems in the inner cities. Not just the obvious (though until last week, officially denied) pressures on housing and public services, but also the tensions between different groups
- one of these teachers reckoned there are over 100 languages now being spoken in his borough.

They talked of how large areas of London have been taken away from the native population, and how White Flight is gathering pace.

But hang on, wasn't it your party that threw open the doors and let in all-comers?

Not our party. Not our party any more. Maybe won't vote at all next time.
Wat's verdict ? "Old Labour has been dropped into a void and is angry"

And To Miss With Love - which is a must-read, if somewhat depressing (another read-it-and-weep here), these days.

He left England in 1972 and hasn't been back since. Why? He says he knew then, it was the beginning of the end. He knew it when his older son came home from school and told him that they were being told how to recognise a possible drug dealer. Suddenly I remember our Governor who thinks that having this skill is something to admire. How different can Norman and that Governor be? One encourages and seeks out that knowledge for her children, the other left England with his children, and never returned because of it.

He tells me he knew it was all taking a wrong turn because they had started to build motorways. He wanted his children to have a quiet life. He wanted them to learn to be polite and respectful to adults. And so he moved to Nelson, a small town in New Zealand, which he describes as being at least 20 years behind the rest of the world. His children of course, are now in their fifties.

The question is what do people like him do nowadays? Where can they go? Where is there where children can still be children? I begin to wonder where Ba Ba (one of my blog readers) is planning to move. Where in the world still has that innocence which most of us seek, and which Norman found in 1972?

I guess Alberta could be as close as you can get.


Schadenfreude said...

Did you miss this story Laban?

dearieme said...

Nelson is lovely still.

nzconservative said...

The rest of New Zealand isn't 20 years behind the rest of the world, certainly not in terms of political correctness anyway.