Monday, April 07, 2008

Gaza - British War Graves Attacked

Adloyada reports on the destruction of Jewish civilian graves in East London, French Muslim war graves in France, and British war graves in Gaza. Note that only one of these gets BBC coverage. You would simply never guess which.

You do have to wonder at the mentality of those who'd attack Muslim war graves. My position's pretty simple on this - if they fought with us, they should be honoured and remembered just as we'd honour and remember any other British soldier.

Judy is, not unnaturally, touched most nearly by the East London desecrations. It's the Gaza attack that's closer to me. The 53rd Division fought in the First, Second and Third battles of Gaza. My grandfather's 1/4th Welsh Territorials were part of that division. It is almost certain that his comrades lie there. I only know it was in Palestine that he received the wounds which were to shorten his life so much, but it's quite possible they were sustained in one of these three battles.


Lurker said...

Attacking anyones grave is despicable act.

Yaffle said...

Andrew O'Hagan in the Telegraph turns the French descration into "we're all guilty of Islamophobia". The other desecrations appear to have passed him by. What a twit.

Gorboduc said...

British war graves attacked in Israel? How many people remember what the Zionists' attitude to Britain in the 1940's was?
What about their blowing up of the King David hotel, the murder of Lord Moyne, and the hanging of the two British sergeants?
How many people know anything about the Zionist terrorist groups' offer of collaboration with the Germans in the early stages of WWII? For authentication of this shocking claim, have a look at Lenni Brenner's book "Zionism in the Age of the Dictators" which is available online ...
Film buffs will have heard of Ben Hecht but perhaps won't know that from the safe hospitality of the USA he applauded the murder of British soldiers in Palestine, proclaiming with fanatical fervour that every time a Zionist terrorist murdered one of our men, the observant Jew "made a little holiday in his heart" ...

Anonymous said...

For a long time I was aware of zionist attackes against the British in the lead up to the foundation of Israel. What I hadnt realised was this terrorism was also going on earlier while Britain was at war with Germany. You know Nazi Germany.

Yet online, Ive witnessed jewish people explaining how Britain had to fight Germany to save the jews, whatever the cost to us. Hello pot, kettle anybody?

AgainsTTheWall said...

You seem to have decided that it was French patriots who are responsible for the attacks on the Muslim gravestones.

However these sorts of things are often false flag operations undertaken by lefties or Jews. The use of Nazi symbols is very suggestive imho.

Recusant said...

When did this become a 'have a pop at the Jews' slot? The graves are in Gaza; the desecrators Hamas linked.

Nannette said...

It's amazing that some people think that Gaza is still occupied by Israel, when in fact, it's government is run by Hamas, and has been for over two years, since Israeli disengagement.

Jews never desecrate graves, because it's against their religion. However, Islamists have been desecrating graves for over a thousand years, but no-one criticises them for it.

As for the Jews attacking the British in Palestine before and during WW2, what's not widely reported is the treatment of the Jews by the British at that time. It was the some of the antisemitic British soldiers who helped incite anti-Jewish feeling amongst the Arabs, who then went on a rampage headed by the Mufti of Jerusalem, Hajj Amin Al Husseini. The first night in Hebron, they killed about 70 Jews, women and children included.

Sir John Glubb (Glubb Pasha), aiding the Jordanian army, expelled more than 100,000 Jews from Jerusalem (some of whose families had been there for over 2,000 years), and over 50,000 Jews from Haifa.

During WW2, the British stopped the refugee boats docking anywhere in Palestine, and many times, the boats were escorted back to Europe, ultimately resulting in more than 10,000 children being exterminated in concentration camps.

Of course the Palestinian Jews were angry at the British! They KNEW that Britain could have, but didn't, blow up the railway lines to Auschwitz, etc.

At the same time, the Mufti of Jerusalem headed the Bosnian Muslim SS Division, and was going to install gas chambers in Palestine. Seeing as the idea for the "final solution" came from none other than Hajj Amin Al Husseini, the Mufti of Jerusalem, whom the British had supported - what were Jews supposed to think?

They wanted to survive, the Arabs had ethnically cleansed Jews from nearly all the Arab states, and now this was happening in Europe... they had no option but to fight for their survival.

And yes, they fought the British, who, until Churchill's arrival, were overwhelmingly anti-Jewish, but by then, the bitterness, the loss of Jewish lives, and the Holocaust in Europe and the Genocide in Arab countries had already taken its toll.

Anonymous said...

I defend Israels right to exist. What I resent is the way the British are expected to act in some selfless universalist manner when it comes to Jewish welfare eg destroying our country, our people our economy in WW2 to save the Jews at any cost. But when Jews want to act subjectively in what they see as their own interests eg fighting the British in Palestine, thats perfectly A-OK.

Anyway Nanette you need to clarify some points.

Churchill became PM in 1940. My understanding is the holocaust had not started at that point. So how could Jews already be upset at something that hadnt happened yet? No-one claims Auschwitz was a death camp prior to 1940, so again how could Jews in Palestine already be upset about it?

Nannette said...

The gas chambers were open for business before 1940... in fact when Chamberlain was PM apparently he knew what was in store.

As for the Jews, well, they've never threatened to take over this country, nor have they imposed their religion on anyone. Also the Jewish immigrants never claimed welfare from the state - they looked after their own, took jobs and many succeeded in their sphere of expertise.

In fact the majority of Jews have integrated and become valuable members of society.

As far as I know, not one Jews has ever stated that the UK should become a Jewish state...