Saturday, April 12, 2008

I Didn't Say He Was All Bad


Zimbabwe leader Robert Mugabe has called Prime Minister Gordon Brown "a little tiny dot on this world".


Anonymous said...

Kind of OT but I haven't seen you mention Fjordman recently.
He is still writing long essays about the Wests supposed problems.

Creating a European Indigenous People’s Movement

About Brown being a tiny dot, as Fjordman so often points out its the EU that has the major effect on us especially regards immigration, so unfortunately its not just Brown, after the EU constitution is ratified thats all any of our leaders will be.

Sgt Troy said...

It was pathetic listening to the dork on the radio this morning offering to host a Darfur Conference. like he's a big player or something. Bob's spot on here. that's what she is - a dot of snot.

He should have been a missionary, that's what the idiot is really, then with any luck the natives he loves so much would have chopped him up - or put him in the cooking pot.

Anonymous said...

why slag little dots off, they've done nothing wrong !!