Thursday, April 10, 2008

Charlene Downes - Accused Cleared on Judge's Instructions

It appears that

a) the evidence wasn't strong enough - something that looked increasingly apparent as the first trial went on. No body, no forensics

b) some of the evidence may have been from an unreliable source - you do have the problem that in these sort of cases, few of the witnesses will necesarily be pillars of their local church or well-known for their charitable activity

c) some of the police work may not have been top-grade

The police investigation continues.


Anonymous said...

The BBC report on this says "...the [cleared] man, who cannot be named...".

So obviously the BBC won't be spending huge amounts of time and money making a documentary about The Men Who Raped, Murdered, and Ate Charlene Downes

Rank hypocrisy.

The Guardian has a whole article dedicated to the so called 'Lawrence suspects' while you can search in vain at their website for the name of Charlene Downes 'unnamed' arrested murderer Iyad Albattikhi (if the name dosn't sound English that's because he's an arab immigrant).


Laban said...

While I appreciate the general thrust of your argument, I believe the unnamed man is unnamed for good legal reasons i.e. there's another court case pending. Don't blow it by whacking his name all over the internet - people can easily find it if they wish.

David Duff said...

As one contemplates the uselessness of the Blackpool police force it's worth reminding ourselves that at its head stands Chief Constable Peter Fahy who, according to his own modest website, "holds an Honours degree in French and Spanish from Hull University and a Masters degree in Human Resource Strategy from the University of East Anglia." Savour, if you will, the pile of useless excreta that is summed up in the words "Human Resource Strategy" and ponder on a man who would actually spend time studying it.

He is, of course, the man whose canteen-occupying police force failed to protect Mr. Gary Newlove when he was kicked to death in front of his daughter. Constable Fahy's answer to this dereliction of duty was to proclaim that the age limit for buying drink should be raised to 21, a suggestion of such utter fatuousness that it barely qualifies him to be a traffic warden!

Anonymous said...

David Duff, you seem to be confused about the police areas involved.
Blackpool comes under Lanacashire Police and Gary Newlove lived in Warrington which was in Lancashire until 1974 and then became part of Cheshire. Unless police areas have changed recently you are,Sir, talking bollocks!

David Duff said...

Anon, apart from the 'Trivial Pursuits' fact that Warrington was moved from one police area to another back in 1974, a fact unlikely to be known by anyone other than the unfortunates forced to live there, what else, precisely and exactly is, to quote your own unlovely expression, "bollocks" in my comment. Fahy issued the statement in re-action to the Newlove killing. He is without doubt a pillock. Self-evidently, from the story above, the Blackpool police are equally useless.

So, you point is ...?

Or is it, perhaps, that you, too, study "Human Resource Strategy"?

Or perhaps you are not unadjacent to the office of the Chief Constable of Cheshire, perhaps?