Monday, March 17, 2008

The Way We Live Now

Remember the Charlene Downes murder trial ? The 14 year old alleged to have been chopped up and kebabbed ? The jury couldn't come to any verdict against Iyad Albattikhi, accused of murder, or Mohammed Reveshi, accused of the disposal of her body, so the last I heard was a retrial.

At the time of the first trial the kebab shop in question, the Funny Boyz takaway, had its license revoked. The current owner has successfully apppealed against that decision.

Shortly after, there was a visit on the 3rd December 2005 by Mr Shaw and PC Ross who did not give evidence today. Mr Shaw noted two baseball bats behind the service counter. I am convinced what the bats were there for. The baseball bats were in the premises for one reason only – protection. While it may be understandable, it is nevertheless wrong. Such weapons should not be there.

A visit by Mr Shaw on the 10th December 2005 with PC Berry led to the confiscation of a bent claw hammer. Evidence had been given that the claw hammer had been used by the electrician – a legitimate purpose. I don’t accept the explanation; it was behind the counter for the same reason as the baseball bats.

The next visit was in the early hours of New Years Day. Sgt Hurt and PC Ross visited the premises that were open and trading even though the licence only permitted sales until 03.30. The Police had advised takeaways not to admit persons for 15 minutes prior to closing to enable the sales to be completed before the end of the permitted hours. A summons was issued and a trial is pending. The premises were open after they should have been and the appellant does not dispute that. On this occasion, Sgt Hurt, with a view to obtaining evidence, sought to confiscate the till roll. I am satisfied that Tariq Albattikih was uncooperative to the point of being hostile. It may be that he didn’t understand the power the Police had and it took some time for the Police to obtain the roll.

Two points - one being the little vignette of what are doubtless the issues faced when running a late-night takeaway in this gentler, more caring society. Everyone agrees it's "understandable" - but apparently it's also "wrong" to be able to defend yourself and your premises unless yiou can do it bare-handed.

The other is the alleged rape which apparently Iyad Albattikhi was also charged with. Is that anything to do with the Charlene Downes murder case, or is it a seperate issue ?


JuliaM said...

" took some time for the Police to obtain the roll."

Perhaps they should have played chav poker with him for it: "I see your claw hammer, and raise you this extending baton and face spray of CS gas."

JuliaM said...

Case 'resolved', it seems:

"The decision to formally clear the man, who cannot be named, was taken on the judge's directions after legal argument at Preston Crown Court.

Another man Mohammed Raveshi, 50, who was accused of helping to dispose of her body, was also formally cleared."

Funnily enough, the police aren't using the 'We are not loking for anyone else in relation to this case' that they usually use, saying only:

"Speaking after the hearing, Det Supt Kevin Toole said the inquiry would remain open...We must now accept that we don't have sufficient evidence to secure convictions in this case.."