Monday, March 17, 2008

Translation Sensation

The other day I mentioned the Expressionist and Symbolist playwrights of the 20s.

The glorious magic of Google Translate is that pretty much anything in German sounds straight from Ernst Toller :

I wonder sometimes if I did, what I do, assess needs. I can worthless living standards. There is only a law and declares itself I should not terminate the life, otherwise there is no longer me. I have everything set up so that I can live.

Many changes have first to my disadvantage results. I have all the connections without prejudice investigated and researched for so long, until I was no longer any danger. I use the words very well, correct and true, ugly and wrong, untrue and bad, since I can remember. I express sentiments that. I feel that if something on my actions exerts an influence. My act is free. My thoughts are also free, as long as I feel nothing.

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