Monday, March 17, 2008

Boom ! Boom !

Rumbold at Pickled Politics on the latest PC lunacy, a police inquiry into a potentially racist episode of Basil Brush (one gets desensitised to these stories, stories that would have seemed pure fantasy only a decade or so back. Maybe that's the idea).

Northampton police sources revealed that they would have pursued Brush sooner had it not been for his powerful friends in the Labour party. Brush is believed to have been one of the key figures behind the Hunting Act, and as such has widespread support amongst the governing party. Police also want to hold the TV fox for twenty eight days, on the grounds that his catchphrase “boom boom!” is incitement to terrorism.

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Moriarty said...

Know what's really depressing about this story?

It's been here since monday and people are obviously so used to this sort of news nowadays, no-one felt the need to comment about it.