Monday, October 08, 2007

Over The Top ?

I know Robbie Savage isn't everyone's cup of tea - maybe not even mine. Some of his tackling brings a whole new meaning to the word 'robust'. While he terrorises opponents, officials and even his managers, I'm not sure he's actually a terrorist.

An airline pilot who let Premiership footballer Robbie Savage onto the flight deck has been sacked for breaking anti-terrorism rules. Former Gulf War RAF pilot Pablo Mason was dismissed by Mytravel after letting the midfielder near the controls in an effort to ease his fear of flying.

You'd never think Mr Savage was afeared of flying when you look at his tackling. It's his opponents who have reason to fear an involuntary trip into the air.

"Thank You For Flying Air Savage"

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Brian said...

Many thanks for highlighting this case. I wrote to Mytravel in support of Captain Mason (no reply yet) and copied my email to several usually topnotch bloggers of whom only TheoSpark responded on his blog, promptly and positively. So shame on the others (they know who they are) who are content to stand with the Mytravel manual management.