Tuesday, October 09, 2007

BBC Plumb New Depths of Tastelessness (But Hey, It's In A Good Cause)

May I with trepidation present the BBCs contribution to the battle against HIV. You'll notice the strong abstinence spin. Turn the sound down before playing. Not suitable for work, children, multi-cellular organisms, other sentient beings.

G.I. Jonny.

Already getting rave reviews.


Dave said...

turning comments off?

why not just delete those of people who make death threats etc.
Maybe I'm wrong but I got the feeling the aggression was coming from probably the same 1-2 people with different names.

Laban said...

I haven't got the time or the energy.

The funny thing is, if one was working to discredit a site, it's exactly the sort of stuff to do - put other people off coming by making the comments boxes unfriendly places for the uncommitted visitor.

Paranoid, moi ?

Laban said...

Comments are now closing - this one sneaked through.