Wednesday, October 10, 2007

BNP Bomber Update

No, the one who allegedly wants to blow up BNP members.

More detail.

He is accused of plotting to make bombs following a trip to Pakistan and to have had a copy of the Anarchists Cookbook on his computer.

During an anti-terror raid on his home about 500g of potassium nitrate was allegedly found under his bed in the room he shared with his younger brother. Potassium nitrate is a critical oxidising component of gunpowder.

While gunpowder can kill people - it's what David Copeland used - it's not exactly a weapon of mass destruction. Given that from next week you can buy 90-shot firework cakes for around seven quid from Lidl, it should put into context the possession of a pound of saltpetre. Semtex it ain't.

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