Sunday, September 23, 2007

UN Declaration of Indigenous Rights of Indigenous Peoples

As adopted by the General Assembly on 13th September 2007.

The Declaration establishes a universal framework of minimum standards for the survival, dignity, well-being and rights of the world's indigenous peoples. The Declaration addresses both individual and collective rights; cultural rights and identity; rights to education, health, employment, language, and others. It outlaws discrimination against indigenous peoples and promotes their full and effective participation in all matters that concern them. It also ensures their right to remain distinct and to pursue their own priorities in economic, social and cultural development.

Includes :

Article 7.2 "Indigenous peoples have the collective right to live in freedom, peace and security as distinct peoples"

Article 8.1 "Indigenous peoples and individuals have the right not to be subjected to forced assimilation or destruction of their culture."

Article 8.2 "States shall provide effective mechanisms for prevention of, and redress for:
(a) Any action which has the aim or effect of depriving them of their integrity as distinct peoples, or of their cultural values or ethnic identities;
(b) Any action which has the aim or effect of dispossessing them of their lands, territories or resources;
(d) Any form of forced assimilation or integration;

Someone had better tell the UK government about the fast-vanishing tribe of the English.


Anonymous said...

You seem to be under the impression that this applies to the white nations of western Europe. Silly you.


Anonymous said...

Here's how things are going in the US.

At least you don't have that many Mexicans; being an island has its advantages.


paul ilc said...

Presumably as "a nation of immigrants", the English don't count as "indigenous".

dearieme said...

The genetics laddies seem to reckon the English and Scots 70% indigenous (i.e. descended from people who arrived here before farming did), the Welsh 80% and the Irish 90%. The Anglo-Saxon fraction of the English is reckoned at 5%.

'Eddie Willers' said...

As dear old Mr.Bentham might say, "Nonsense on stilts!"

David B. Wildgoose said...

Somebody already has done so - the Campaign for an English Parliament - over the discrimination the English are suffering under the "Union". Please join us.

Alfie said...

The English Democrats brought this to the attention of New Labour last year..... After much pencil-sucking, consideration and conjecture, they chucked the document straight into the bin.... The new Labour thought process is that Scots and Welsh are noble nations with noble and indigenous peoples - while the area between the two is little more than a very big housing estate for transients.

I heard some Labour muppet on the radio yesterday saying that everyone in England was an immigrant - he of course mentioned the Normans, and the Anglo Saxons, he of course did not mention any celtic stock that live in England - thereby giving the impression that the Celts have always been here. They haven't - they originate from what is now modern Syria. The Celts arrived here and displaced the Ancient Britons.

If the new Labour bods are going to use such crap logic, then anyone born outside of the African Great Rift Valley is an emigrant - but they don't they are selective with their view of genetics. Native Americans have the identical DNA profile of the peoples from eastern Russia, the Aboriginal peoples of Australia come from Papua New Guinea - but would New Labour call them 'non idigenous'?

Bess said...

Paul ilc: 'Presumably as "a nation of immigrants", the English don't count as "indigenous".'

I'd go along with the figures quoted by dearieme above, which sound as if they come from Stephen Oppenheimer's rather good book "The Origins of the British".

As Tacitus (almost) said, nearly 2000 years ago, "The Welsh are short and fluffy, the Scots are bony and ginger, and the English are tall and fair ..." :-)

verity said...

Anonymous 3:41 - You don't seem to understand this thread.

The United States and Mexican immigration have absolutely no relation to what is happening in Britain. For one thing, the Mexicans are indigenous. Duh. They once occupied at least half of Texas and all of southern California. They are indigenous. In other words, they were there first. They are not immigrants. Most are Christian. They do not adhere to a destructive, alien belief system.

N America is an unimaginably vast landmass. Britain is a miniscule island that would fit into the state of Texas three and one-half times.

Do not try to draw equivalencies because your point is 1)absurdly inappropriate and 2)provincial and ignorant.

Last, we don't give a crap.

Susan said...

No Verity, the Mexican invasion is exactly the same thing as the invasion of the UK -- and for the same reasons. The global PeeCee fascists want to merge the US, Canada and Mexico into an EU-SSR-like superstructure and then, I daresay, merge the new Eurabia and the new NA-SSR superstructure into one giant multi-culti, socialist-corporatist mess. That's why they are deliberately flooding the US with millions of illegal immigrant Mexicans who, once obtaining US citizenship, could claim dual citizenship under Mexican law and vote in Mexican elections as well as in US ones -- abolishment of the US as a sovereign nation in a few easy steps. Any American who objects to the massive invasion is vilified as a "racist," same as in the UK. For gods sake, the Senate Majority Leader denounced from the Senate Floor as "racists" those Americans who want to make English our official language! (about 85 percent of us BTW.) How on earth can a language have a "race"? Oh and in the new superstructure we would no longer have Congress as our true representatives but a "North American Parliament" modeled on the wonderfully undemocratic EU Parliament.

And no, Mexicans are not indigenous to the land currently containing by the US borders. The Indians of the Southwest are Commanches, Apaches, Navajo, Hopi, etc. not Mixtecs, Toltecs, or Aztecs. Completely different cultures.

True, the Hispanic culture is Christian and better than Islam, but it isn't really capable of building or sustaining a First World culture. There's a reason why Anglo-America looks the way it does, and why Latin America looks the way IT does. We and Canada are the culture of the Magna Carta and the Mother of Parliaments -- they are the heirs of the Inquisition. We want to remain an Anglo-Saxon-cultured country as much as England does.

verity said...

Susan - If you're THE Susan who used to write on Samizdata when I was there, I don't like to argue with you because you normally have a very steady eye and much clarity of thought, but you are largely wrong here.

The Mexicans are N American indigenes. Just as indigenous N Americans as the Native American tribes. Don't know the names of the tribes except the famous, glamourous ones, like Aztec, Toltec, Maya etc., who had developed cities, but there were others occupying northern Mexico, Texas and California just as European countries have had their turf for eons. The Iroquois were around the Great Lakes (if memory serves) and the Swiss and the Austrians are around the Alps. The Seminoles, Choctaws, Cherokees, et al, lived in what is now Florida. The Greeks, Cypriots et al live on the Med. The Scandinavians have occupied the far north since time immemorial. They are all indigenous Europeans. All the Native American tribes and Mexican tribes are indigenous N Americans.

Britain is miniscule and the One Worlders are jamming in extra millions of primitive aliens with the intention of destroying the native culture. Americans have no native culture to destroy. (This is in no way an anti-American comment; I love the United States and respect it for 350 years of continuity of governance. But you are not indigenes. We are. Our roots on these islands go back thousands of years.)

You concede that Mexicans are, by and large, Christian. We are having a repulsive, alien, aggressive, primitive presence thrust into our midst and laws have been cooked up to illegalise complaining about it. We have "thought crimes" and "speech crimes" in Britain now, to protect the aggressors.

Yes, the islamics are over-breeders and they suck up health and social services - and here there may be a comparison with Mexican immigrants to the US.

But the comparison ends there. The Mexicans who come to the US are there largely to work and better themselves - even though illegal. The islamics are in Britain and Europe to receive tribute - in other words, it's our job to become slaves to allah and give allah's reps anything they demand.

The intention is to turn our ancient lands into a caliphate. The Mexicans, as annoying as their invasion is, and I do understand that, are not.

I do agree with you, however, that the New World Order woodworms are at work in N America and well as Britain, Europe and Australia and I personally would enjoy watching them all shot through the head. In fact, I'd gladly lend a hand.

verity said...

PS - Susan, I do also agree with you that the New World Order fascists will eventually want to merge N America with Eurabia. They are mad - but unless our peoples are very strong - and the Americans are; the British are weak - they will win.

I am amazed at how the British have been utterly cowed into giving up their birthright in my lifetime. It didn't happen over generations. It happened in around 25 years ... although with roots going back to the 1920s and the one-worlder pacifists like Bertrand Russell. I don't know that the US had anything similar ... although they did develop a nice line in champagne liberals as the years went by.

Susan said...


The intention is to turn the US into a Hispanic banana republic just like Latin America. The Mexicans and New Worlders want to Hispanicise us and that is not allowable -- we will become a Third World country, as all Hispanic countries are, despite having even more natural resources than the US. Then there will be no one with the power or ability to fight the jihadists.

In our case, we are here, and we don't want to be part of the unsuccessful Latin American "experiment." What good would that be, for the US to turn into another Brazil or Mexico?

Every single Latin American nation has or has had problems with civil wars, Marxism, dirty wars, drug cartels, murder and violence, etc. Their cultures don't respect rule of law. Their cultures don't like real capitalism -- only facist crony capitalism or marxism. They are collectivist-minded and not individualist as Anglo-Saxons are. Many are Marxists and supported by Maxist organizations -- the illegal aliens who marched in the US in May of '06 DEMANDING US citizenship were organized by Marxist entities, and many of them carried flags with Che on them.

The US is NOT strong -- we take tax dollars from legal citizens and give them to the illegals. What kind of a country grants the same "rights" to foreign nationals as it does to its legitimate, native-born, law-abiding, tax-paying citizens? A country that won't exist much longer. Sooner or later the native-born will simply stop paying taxes to Congress, as we did to the English parliament lo, those many years ago.

In California alone, it's 10 billion dollars a year to provide "free" social services for illegal aliens. We, the native-born and law-abiding citizens, voted democratically to pass a law to deny "free" social services to the illegals -- and the leftist courts threw it out. We are forced to pay for free services for the illegals by the courts and cannot redress these tax payments through our elected representatives. This is the textbook definition of taxation without representation.

In Europe you have an advanced indigenous culture being overtaken by a foreign, non-advanced culture.

In the US we have an advanced "foreign" culture being overtaken by an "indigenous", non-advanced culture.

What good will it be for the world if either scenario happens? What good would it be for the US and Europe to become Third World societies?

I don't post on Samizdata anymore. Ever since they came out for open borders, I stopped reading them. They are as bad as the Marxists -- both view human beings as interchangeable economic units, instead of as people with real histories, real cultures, real languages. And that is part of the problem. The libertarians would have no problem if England or the US disappeared as cultures entirely, as long as their libertarian ideology reigned supreme. The same with the Marxists.

Also we Americans do have a real culture. We are natives NOW. My family has been here for 250+ years -- do you think I think of myself as ENGLISH? I am an Anglo-American, I have a real culture, a real history, a real people. To say that a "native" culture doesn't spring up over the course of four centuries or so is absurd.

PS -- I agree with you about the traitors in your government. The lot of them need to have their heads posted on pikes on the London bridge. Except that Blair deserves the ultimate punishment -- he should be drawn and quartered like William Wallace!

But America has its own traitors too, who take their orders from the One Worlders, the socialists, or from the corrupt Mexican government/drug cartels, and NOT from the American people. When you argue that the Mexicans have the "right" to violate American sovereignty because they are "indigenous" you argue for the destruction of the US, just like the Marxists and the One-Worlders. Sorry, no can do.

verity said...

Susan - I don't want us to talk at cross purposes because I always enjoy your postings.

You write: "When you argue that the Mexicans have the "right" to violate American sovereignty because they are "indigenous" ...". No no! I never said they had a right to invade a sovereign country! Absolutely not! I just compared them to the primitive Pakistani, Bangladeshi and Somali element in Britain demanding "rights" (egged on by the One Worlders) in a highly developed country whose language and laws span the earth.

In other words, they don't even have a notional right to be in my country. They can't even claim that they are indigenous. These people are primitives and their religion is from the Stone Age (yes, I know it's from 800+,but it probably developed out of some primitive deal from much earlier. You will know.)

We are in accord regarding the judiciary and it is the same in Britain. People who have committed murder are given derisory sentences and even those are lessened to the point where you can murder someone in Britain and be out and about in about three years. This is all part of the programme to demoralise the British, which once had the best legal system in the world.

So we have heaving multitudes of islamic primitives and, the primitives from Romania that we have to accept under EU rules and who are committing around 5,000 rapes a year and we can't deport them, and old people afraid to leave their homes after or even answer their doors. In other words, "they" - the New World Order - have succeeded in cowing a formerly brave population. (Of course, they allowed themselves to be cowed; and now there is legislation preventing people from talking out in frank terms.)

I assure you, I am a great fan of the United States - I lived in a city in Texas for 14 years - and watch the takeover by the judiciary, as has happened in Britain, with fear and awe. Although Americans are bolder and not so easily cowed and I think they may manage to prevail. It will be a tragedy of historic proportions if they do not.

A poster, I believe on this blog - I will try to sift through all the comments on all the threads - or Iain Dale's blog, gave a link to a fascination account of how these people have taken over Britain. It's an outfit called Common Accord and to call it sinister is to describe Cherie Blair as "a little overweight". I will try to find it for you because there will be a similar outfit operating in the US. All this is not happening by coincidence.

Nice to talk to you again, Susan!

verity said...

Sorry, I think it's called Common Purpose. Anyway, it's a One Worlder - New World Order communist cesspit.

verity said...

Susan - Here it is, on UK Commentators blog right on this thread after all, courtesy a lady or gentleman posting as Guardian Apostate:

I clicked on the link thinking it would be two or three minutes. Actually, get yourself a glass of wine because it's an hour and a half and I sat through the whole thing only pausing to freshen my drink.

This identifies the virus that is running through British institutions, politics, the judiciary and education and it is quite horrifying. It looks as though every major British institution and company has one of its members on the board. This includes our judiciary, which I can remember as once being incorruptible.

Have times changed!

I don't know whether this exists in the US, but for sure a sister or fraternal organisation certainly does, because all this is too well dove-tailed in Britain, Europe and the United States to be random.

The fellow who is giving the talk on the video is a Member of the European Parliament. He's not charismatic, but with this talk, charisma would just have got in the way.