Monday, September 24, 2007

Today's Early Release Killer - Christopher Beresford

Christopher Beresford, 18, was let out of jail just six weeks before the accident which brought chaos to the M4. He was driving the wrong way down the motorway to escape police when he hit James and Bridget Stafford's car head-on. Beresford and the Staffords were killed in the accident last Monday, in Newport, South Wales. Two of Beresford's passengers, Sam Case, 19, and Lee Maggs, 27, also died.

Yesterday it emerged that Beresford had been released from Parc Prison, in Bridgend, only last month. He had served six months of a one-year detention and training order - given to persistent or high-risk offenders. It was imposed by Newport Youth Court in February after Beresford failed to comply with non-custodial sentences. His convictions included dangerous driving and taking a car without consent. Beresford, who was 17 at the time, did not hold a driving licence and was banned from having a licence for two years. Young offenders are routinely released at the halfway point of their sentence.

There'll be more soon. This has been a joint production of the Probation "Service" and the Youth "Justice" Board.


Dave said...

Wow look at this

"Sixteen-year-old Robert Chapman handed over the phone to two men who had threatened him but they soon returned shouting "let's kill him"."
"A third person came along and Robert asked for help, but he replied 'why should I help you?' and he joined in [the attack] as well."

What a country..

Anonymous said...

Nothing to see here, its just a moral panic, move on

Anonymous said...

And another one...