Thursday, September 27, 2007

Thought Crime

I think Peter Black AM says pretty much what I want to say about the decision of Trevor Phillips' CRE to take legal action aganist a man who raised a petition against the possible siting of a "travellers" site near his home.

The decision by the Commission for Racial Equality to take legal action under the Race Relations Act against a local resident who collected 953 signatures on a petition against a possible official travellers’ site near his home is one of the most bizarre I have come across for some time. It just flies in the face of commonsense ...

This intervention by the CRE in my view is a perverse and unwelcome intrusion on this process.

Whatever one’s views on this matter, the prosecution of local residents who are using legitimate and democratic means to bring their concerns to the attention of the local Council, will set a dangerous and unwelcome precedent. If for example the Council were to proceed with an official site and lodged a planning application would the CRE determine that anybody who objected to it, and any Councillor who spoke against it, were acting in breach of the Race Relations Act?

To which the answer is "yes, probably".


dearieme said...

Perhaps someone should take legal action against Trevor Philips for giving stupid speeches that might give rise to unpleasant stereotyping.

Anonymous said...

It just flies in the face of commonsense ...

Uhh, no it doesn't. In fact, everyone knows that in these times of ├╝ber political correctness any accusation or legal action against Whites who do anything aimed at 'others' that might be construed as mean is going to have legs. Britain was well and truly fucked the day it allowed the establishment of an organization like the CRE and then gave it the means, judicial and financial -- provided by taxpayers, of course -- to do this sort of thing. The English are paying for their own dispossession.


Anonymous said...

Britons give many reasons for leaving, but their stories share one commonality: life in Britain has become unbearable. They fear lawlessness and the threat of more terrorism from a growing Muslim population and the loss of a sense of Britishness, exacerbated by the growing refusal of public schools to teach the history and culture of the nation. What it means to be British has been watered down in a plague of political correctness. Officials say they do not wish to "offend" others.

In other words, Britain is now, apparently, a country of pathetic weaklings too afraid of being called names to do anything about an invasion of foreigners that is demographically destroying their country.


Gabriel Oak said...

If we don't get these PC bastards first they will most assuredly get us. And that means killing them.

The army is the only hope

JuliaM said...

From that BBC link:

"But the organisation's director Chris Myant said both had misunderstood its actions.

He said the CRE would apply to a civil court judge for an injection, which he likened to a restraining order, preventing Mr Lewis from "pressuring others to act in a discriminatory way". "

I'm assuming they said 'injunction' & the BBC web proofreader is lazy, but perhaps they actually said it! Bit of a Freudian slip, as it were

Guardian apostate said...

I've just spent an incredible two hours watching the video linked to below. I'd suggest that things such as this and so much else of what is happening in this country may be answered in it. It deals with a 'charity' called Common Purpose. I can't recommend it highly enough.

Laban, I'd be interested to hear your thoughts on this.

Fatso said...

It is alarming that this self appointed, unelected Quango is now in the business of silencing all and any opposition to the creeping take over of this country by freeloaders, terrorists and vermin!

Mr Phillips would do well to take note of the fact this Labour Government won't be around forever and his days sitting as judge and jury might be short lived!

verity said...

Dearie Me - It's nice to see a post from you. You haven't been at any of the usual haunts lately.

Anonymous 11:38 a.m. The CRE was all part of the plan to. The vile Trevor Phillips has been an enthusiastic - nay, slavvering - tool and will skip the K and go directly to the L, as they haven't packed enough non-indigenous people into the other place yet.

verity said...

Guardian Apostate - Thank you for that link! I watched the whole thing at one sitting. It was chilling. I thought it was going to be a two- or three- minute clip, but I stuck with it for the whole hour and a half.

It has been so puzzling how we have arrived at this dictatorial, Stalinesque state in Britain and how citizens are branded troublemakers for trying to complain, as is their right.

A brick wall that the citizenry is unable to breach - and, indeed, is reprimanded for trying to breach by complaining.

Fragile pensioners are kicked to death in their homes and absolutely no effort is made to get justice for them. They are acclimatising us to the sense that there is no justice, so stay passive and the state will take care of you.

The police feel free to tell taxpaying citizens that they can't come out to investigate because they have "paperwork"? Paperwork? Hello?

Maybe in the 1900s, when the police were very effective indeed, there would have been "paperwork" - presumably executed by people hired for that purpose ... yet in the age of computers and instant communication, we're expected to believe that the police can't go out onto the streets because of non-existent "paperwork" and pouring fluid in the mimeograph machine??

"Paperwork" is the word that might have been used to intimidate manual workers in the 1900s ... although the police at that time would not have done so.

The police are doing "PAPERWORK? When you think about it, you can see how outdated and class-based the claim is. "Ohhhh, paperwork ... you wouldn't understand it ..".

Even the old 1920s socialist mimeograph machine has gone to extinct office machine heaven.

Paperwork? It's a lie. There isn't any. Someone keys in a report and emails it to various department heads. Finished. Twenty minutes. No paper. Actually, not even any "work" as the computer does everything at the click of a code. Even "according to sub-section 1-blah-blah" doesn't involve hauling a book off a shelf. Just a click.

But the police are too involved in this time-consuming "paperwork" to keep the law?

Or a tool of intimidation of the citizenry? You decide.

I advise everyone to watch Guardian Apostate's link, and then reflect on how utterly pointless the next general election will be. David Cameron is one of the nomenclatura, as are Tony Blair and Gordon Brown - and dozens of apparachiks surrounding them. That's why they don't go for each others' throats. Their reward is down-the-line -- later. Cameron showed what a team player he is when he urged a standing ovation for the most destructive head of government Britain had ever endured.

It's why Levy and Blair weren't prosecuted.

And Tony Blair's fake new "job".

And his wife's autobiography will sell like hotcakes - to warehouses everywhere. No one will buy it, but the sales figures will show it's on a best seller list. Lies. All lies.

And they will take more and more control of families by taking control of their children away from them, by such means as teaching sexual techniques to little children of five. By serving "halal" lunches to Christian children without their parents' knowledge of how their food had been slaughtered.


Go to Guardian Apostate's link. It's appalling.

Anonymous said...

I just tried that video link. Nothing doing.

Anonymous said...

Ive had a look at the Common Purpose, quite sinister.

Worth noting that at the top of every page there pics of people. Just the sort of meaningless imagery one would expect but just note the racial composition.

There is an Irish version too, for some reason they seem to be spared the multiethnic pictures.

Bert Rustle said...

Guardian apostate linked this. The presenter is Brian Gerish. In my opinion, his presentation style strains credibility and the facts would be more effectively presented by an individual without the zeal which was undoubtedly required of him to expose them.

He mentions that exposing Common Purpose undermines them somewhat. In my opinion, as he does not explicitly disavow the diversity falsehoods, his campaign is holed below the waterline.

A direct approach would be to explicitly demonstrate the falsehood of the diversity agenda. This requires highlighting the existence of individual inherited differences (not overly contentious) and that aggregated by sex or race / ”population clusters”, such groups have widely different abilities and behaviours which are not amenable to significant social engineering manipulation. I am unaware of a single member of the Ruling Class, from Norman Tebbitt or any other Establishment Party member through to commentators such as Littlejohn, Hitchens, Martin, Phillips, Gaunt etc who publicly acknowledges this well established empirical fact. However, I would hazard a guess that where they live and how their children are educated would demonstrate an implicit acknowledgement.

For those with less than the two hours for the original link try this seven minutes. This does not contain data and links to EU Truth.

In my opinion, a more credible presentation on this general topic is this five minutes.

It might even be that Brian Gerish will make things easier for Common Purpose, due to his method of presentation - or is that a conspiracy theory?

Bert Rustle said...

Government and councils to spy on ALL our phones. ... The new measures were implemented after the Home Secretary signed a 'statutory instrument' on July 26. The process allows the Government to alter laws without a full act of Parliament.

The move was nodded through the House of Lords two days earlier without a debate.

It puts into UK law a European Directive aimed at the 'investigation, detection and prosecution of serious crime'. But the British law allows the information to be used much more widely to combat all crimes, however minor. ...

Regular Reader said...

Bert Rustle

I watched the Common Purpose video yesterday.

I disagree regarding Mr Gerish's presentation style. Yes he clearly has an axe to grind but to me, he very much comes across as the kind of person he describes himself as (ex military engineering type) which in my view gives him credibility.

Also, he states he has been security cleared, this may not mean much to many people but to those who do know what it means, it makes his credibility pretty damn good.

If her were slick I would be more doubting.

I felt he could have done the part about the framing training course better as it didn't sound in the slightest bit sinister to me. Also, I think I recall him mentioning NLP in this way which did not impress me. Nevertheless I think the point he was trying to make was Common Purpose use techniques more commonly associated with cults and what is known as 'Large Group Awareness Training' programmes which makes them far from being the charity that offers benign training course they present themselves as. The course participants are either altered in a profound way, or fucked up. You might call that brainwashing if you like, although I do not like the term.

Also, I think you miss the point Mr Gerish is trying to make regarding the diversity thing. Mr Gerish is more concerned about the anti-democratic and criminal nature of this organisation.

One might argue that the fact that he does not emphasise the diversity issue is to broaden the appeal of of what he has uncovered and is really a wise move on his part. Also, Perhaps he genuinely doesn't care much about this aspect of Common Purpose.

In my view, Mr Gerish's video is a striking demonstration of a Gramsci style strategy in action.

Very worrying indeed.

Possibly the most serious and dangerous threat to democracy and our way of life I have come across

Bert Rustle said...

Regular Reader wrote Bert Rustle ... I disagree ... Mr Gerish ... clearly has an axe to grind but to me, he very much comes across as the kind of person he describes himself as (ex military engineering type) which in my view gives him credibility. ... It is credibility with potentially sceptical multiculti disciples which is required, not those no longer smitten. I have no reason to doubt the veracity, integrity or qualifications of Brian Gerish and I would hazard a guess that he has paid a substantial personal price during his investigation, without personal gain.

Regular Reader wrote ... Also, he states he has been security cleared ... those who do know what it means, it makes his credibility pretty damn good ... Presumably there are varying levels of “security clearance” and that possibly those applying for and granting the “security clearance” could be members of Common Purpose, Masons, Moonies or indeed the Establishment Party.

Regular Reader wrote ... If her were slick I would be more doubting. ... I would not be less doubting. Talk is cheap.

Regular Reader wrote ... I felt he could have done the part about the framing training course better as it didn't sound in the slightest bit sinister to me. Framing? This sort of thing also occurs in the ‘soft’ sciences. ... scientists should appeal to non-scientists by presenting their work in a way that conforms to common biases ... The popular notion of 'spin', while used more broadly, often refers to the idea of framing. See for the full non-technical article.

Regular Reader wrote ... the point Mr Gerish is trying to make regarding the diversity thing. ... is ... the anti-democratic and criminal nature of this organisation. ... I agree that he is and that in my opinion he is right to do so. In my Opinion EUReferendum document this in a dramatic yet MSM credible way.

Regular Reader wrote ... he does not emphasise the diversity issue is to broaden the appeal of what he has uncovered and is really a wise move on his part. ... False. Denying reality is not wise, though it is “a move” perpetuated by the Establishment party since WWII. In my opinion, it is not possible to for The West to prevail within the reality denying “framing” of multiculti/diversity which actually means a collapse of standards to facilitate the sham of diversity. That is my one sentence summary of the writings of Laurence Auster , Steve Sailer and Vdare , amongst others. In my opinion it is necessary to peruse many postings from these sites to effect a multiculti/diversity cure.

Regular Reader wrote ... Very worrying indeed. ... Possibly the most serious and dangerous threat to democracy and our way of life I have come across I possibly agree.

“Regular Reader” I appreciate your response and the endeavours of Brian Gerish.

verity said...

I totally agree with Regular Reader. I was absolutely chilled. I tuned in expecting to watch a two or three minute video, but stuck with it all the way through.

It is, as you note, totally Gramsci and that it has sneaked in and quietly woven itself into the woof and warp of so many of our institutions - such as Parliament and the law - is very disquieting. It was probably at their direction that Blair took an axe to our ancient Constitution and Bill of Rights.

I would suspect that they have fraternal organisation in the United States, given how so many important political cases wending their way through the upper courts end up with very liberal resolutions.

A poster here on another thread, an American, Susan, thinks that the programme may be eventually to make one massive organisation of the EU (by then, Eurabia) and the US and thus be over the hump in the establishment of the New World Order.

verity said...

Google "Common Purpose" + "David Cameron".


Anonymous said...

Google for that with any party leaders name and you get similar stuff. Except Nick Griffin, there its msoty about CP itself.

Actually dont google, use this:

verity said...

Whatever msoti means.

I notice you were careful about what you actually included in your post.


Anonymous said...

The video seemed interesting until Mr Gerish told us how his good friend Naseem Mohammed of Birmingham Central Mosque, the epicentre of Islamofascism in the UK, totally agreed with his conspiracy theories.

After that, my respect waned somewhat. If he can't see that Muslim immigration is the biggest threat facing us then he's completely missing the point.

Anonymous said...

Verity - Im not scared.

What I meant was google "common purpose" + "politicians name of your choice" you get very similar results. David Cameron, Al Gore, Menzies Campbell etc They love to use the phrase. Meaningless political blather or something more sinister, I just dont know.

I did note that Nick Griffin doesnt seem associated with the phrase, he actually seems to mention CP by name.

BTW as I said before, dont use google, use scroogle.

verity said...

Anonymous 11:07 "BTW as I said before, dont use google, use scroogle."

Why? I just don't believe that Google goes through every single name and event and whether they want to include it. Given the rate, that would require a million, minimum, censors - given that everything in The Seattle Times gets included every day, as does everything in France Soir,The Sydney Morning Herald and every newspaper and every single blog in the universe.

Anonymous said...

The people that run scroogle argue that google maintains logs of every search made. If you are using the same IP regularly then they are building up a tasty database of your interests and human weaknesses. Google deny this of course but...

Google is held up by some as a freewheeling, gunslinging libertarian pin up. Thats why when an upstanding freedom loving state like communist China says jump, google asks how high. (Rupert Murdoch seems to have the same problem saying no to China as well.)

So just to be on the safe side I prefer scroogle, or use other search engines, they do exist you know.

Anonymous said...

Try this link:

Contains this gem:

"The intelligence community appears to be interested in data mining Google’s vast store of information on each user who uses Google’s services. Google collects data on each user’s search queries, which web sites users visited after making a query, and through its Google Analytics service, can also track users on cooperating web sites. It’s not clear what level of access to or how much of this information has been made available to intelligence agencies."

verity said...

Key in scroogle and it slaps a page about boobs onto one's screen. No thanks. I exited really fast.

Google may have its faults, but it doesn't put pages I haven't requested onto my computer.