Wednesday, September 26, 2007

A Bit Of Muslim History

That Trev didn't mention.

(some confusion in the reporting - apparently the ship was a North African slaver which "was sunk off Salcombe during the 17th Century after being attacked by pirates hunting white slaves". The Channel must have been a dangerous place indeed if the slavers were attacking one another.)


Gabriel Oak said...

The way things are going with the development of the Zanu Nulab one party state pointing out these inconvenient facts will be a crime against community cohesion a few years down the track, with a sentence of indefinite detention in a re-education camp.

Anonymous said...

Whats the betting it doesn't get a mention at the scousers latest guilt trip

Anonymous said...

The blondes of Morrocco

interesting photo. the little girl pictured could be mistaken for any Anglo-Saxon child. She's in fact a Berber. It is amazing how the genes of white slaves have persisted over centuries.

Bert Rustle said...

White Gold

... the story of Thomas Pellow ... captured ... by ... Islamic slave traders—the Barbary corsairs ... sold to ... [the] sultan of Morroco, Moulay Ismail ... , a man ... building a vast imperial pleasure palace ... entirely by Christian slave labour ... Pellow ... finally making a dramatic escape and return to Cornwall. The account is supported by the unpublished letters and manuscripts of slaves ... An interesting quasi-historical account.

susan said...

Re: British slaves taken by the Sallee Raiders to North Africa:

Where's our reparations? D'ya hear that Trevor, where's OUR reparations?

Susan said...

Bert Rustle,

I actually have a copy of the White Gold book, but haven't gotten around to reading it fully yet. I flipped through it and found some of the details highly disturbing. Trevor Phillips and the race pimpery industry would definitely not like it.

For one thing, the brutal elite guards who kept watch over the captured white slaves were black Africans.

DEFINITELY not a popular notion with the race pimpery industry.

BTW, the Poles are going to create quite a problem for Trev's new "Muslim-friendly" history project. They are currently working on producing an epic film about the Siege of Vienna in 1683, and they want Mel Gibson to play their heroic King Jan III Sobieski, who showed up at the last minute with 30,000 Polish Hussars and kicked the crap out of the Ottoman invaders.

susan said...

Here's the news item about the upcoming Polish film:,-De-Niro-in-Polish-big-budget-film-project.html

50 million Euros -- not a bad amount of money. Probably be banned in Britain.

Anonymous said...

Re. Polish film - excellent!

I've been hoping for a big English language epic about the Greek War of Independence (culminating in the obliteration (against orders) of the Ottoman fleet by the Anglo-Russo-French forces under Admiral Codrington at Navarino), but this is an admirable enterprise in its own right.

Mel's agent said...

...they want Mel Gibson to play their heroic King Jan III Sobieski, who...kicked the crap out of the Ottoman invaders.

Sorry, but if it's not Jews, Mel ain't interested.

Anonymous said...

Thats right (anon above), if the Jews made it the Poles would have to be the bad guys.

Anonymous said...

Bruce Willis would be better. either way that film is gonna be HUGE in the states.

probably will be banned here as Trev and his mates will jump up and down about it.

Anonymous said...

the battle of vienna took place on
SEPTEMBER 11TH (!!!!) 1683

Battle of Vienna

best of luck to that Polish film. its about bloody time that we learned about our history.

Dr T said...

We should get an epetition up asking that the history of the slave raids on England be part of the national curriculum. They always seem to be interested in having a slavery topic, how about this one for a change.

Susan said...

If you've got a mind you should try to find a copy of the book "Jihad in the West" by the French authoer Paul Fregosi -- which provides an enormous amount of detail about the genocidal battering that the Muslims administered to Europe for centuries. Slavery, rape, mass murder, unprovoked attacks -- it's all there. The book was supposed to be published by a British publisher back in the early 90s, but the Brit house was forced to withdraw because of pressure and threats from you-know-who. And this was long before they reached critical mass in Britain as is the case today. It was eventually published by a US publisher. You probably can't get it in the UK, but if you can order off the US Amazon site, or a used book site like Alibris, it's well worth a read.

Susan said...

We should get an epetition up asking that the history of the slave raids on England be part of the national curriculum.

Better yet, write up a screenplay and try to sell it to an idependent filmaker in the US -- there are people with money in the US who are trying to break the leftoid monopoly of Hollyweird, the guy who paid for the recent film about William Wilberforce, the US billionaire Paul Anschutz, being one of them.

As Nancy Reagan used to say, "Just Say No" to leftoidism.