Sunday, July 01, 2007

Olga Craig

Middle name "gullible" .

Katie Gillespie gives a slight shrug. "It was a pretty average night out really, nothing overly out of the ordinary," she says, as she begins counting on her fingers.

"Let's see. Well, we saw the tail end of Ben Hitchcock's murder, the 16-year-old lad who was knifed to death in Beckenham. That was pretty scary. The gang of about 25 boys in dark hoodies scattering from the scene was really intimidating. Then, just after, we saw a kid injecting himself with heroin on the street. We drove up to traffic lights on our way to a bar and across the road there was a girl smashing a bottle and thrusting it into her boyfriend's neck. He was covered in blood and tried to get away by crawling across the bonnet of a car. But she came after him and stabbed it into his face and gouged it round and round."

The 18-year-old pauses for breath. (LT translation - she's thinking up her next story).

"Then, in the nightclub, there were a couple of fights. Most of the boys had knives. They keep them down their socks and you can see the bulge. That is the clue. If a boy approaches you and you see that, you walk away. Even the posh boys have them. Oh, and one lad chased another with an axe and a machete. He swung it into his head. He was covered in blood, too. I can't remember if that was before or after I saw another fight between two groups of boys.

In next week's Sunday Telegraph - the fifteen year old boy who sleeps with seven different women every night.


madne0 said...

Quick, check your TV Guide. Has their been a recent "Friday the 13th" marathon?

Laban said...

I've only just got that ! ;-)