Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Burka Beardies

From the Guardian :

Tony Wright, a clever Labour MP, said we had heard enough from the minister about who would not be prosecuted under the act. But who might be?

Mr Goggins - his boss, Charles Clarke looked simultaneously stony-faced and embarrassed at his side, which is quite a trick - said vaguely that you might get a poster "showing women wearing burkas, saying that such women are not to be trusted, er, could be suicide bombers, er, who knows what they are hiding under their coats, a poster of that kind ..."

From the Australian :

Aziz was caught after a group of 20 burqa-clad women from the mosque started screaming as they were taken to a nearby school for security checks after giving themselves up, saying the procedure was un-Islamic.

"Our men spotted his (Aziz's) unusual demeanour. The rest of the girls looked like girls but he was taller and had a pot belly,'' a security official said on condition of anonymity.

Paramilitary officer Manzoor Ahmad, who saw the incident, said a policeman spotted one member of the crowd staying silent.

"The officer pounced on the lady, and as he grabbed her, the burqa came off and his beard fell out. He asked the man who he was and he said 'I am Maulana (senior cleric) Abdul Aziz,'' the soldier said.


verity said...

Another islamic sack of shit hiding behind a woman. One thing I really admire about islamic men is their bravery.

"Oh, the sons of the prophet are hardy and bold
"And quite unacustommed to fear."

Right Except when they're cowering behind islamic draperies. Then they're big girls' blouses.

What paper tigers these self-dramatising men are! Except when they're hiding behind a girl.

Until 1979, no one took this ridiculous belief system seriously. Then Jimmy Carter didn't know how to respond to an attack on American sovereign territory - their embassy in Teheran - and so, because of his weakness - the current round of jihad took off. If Carter had bombed Teheran, all those people who died in 9/11, 7/11, the Madrid train station, Bali and all those other victims of emboldened islamics would be alive and unmaimed and their families not left with painful scars forever.

Jimmy Carter allowed this to go ahead.

Voyager said...

One thing I really admire about islamic men is their bravery.

In the good old Wild West most gunmen were shot in the back...such is life. The Arab mentality is treacherous and duplicitous but it gets them results when dealing with naive Westerners who think everyone is a golf club members and ashamed to break the rules.

Our Governments are trojan horses and have been rolled. No doubt a few calls from the Saudi ambassador about a free trip to the races with a few girls thrown in is all it takes to buy complaisance....politicians and journalists are relatively cheap.

Political elites are frightened of those who believe because politicians do not...they simpy read their lines. Politicians without conviction are terrified of those who have strong convictions whether religious or political, and are afraid that their house built on sand will be washed away.

Most Western politicians will buckle if faced with the intractable and the resolute. That is why victory always goes to the last man standing

DumbJon said...

There's a lot of it about:

Laban said...

Now be fair.

I was reading in the Sunday Times about the Delhi massacres of women and children during the 1857 Mutiny. One of the Brits, whose wife and children had been slaughtered, escaped Delhi in a donkey cart driven by his dhobi-wallah, wearing Mrs dhobi's clothes and veil.

stuart said...

Nothing new - the provos used to do the same back in the 70's: snipe a a patrol then hand off the weapon to a female wearing one of the fashionalbe long coats. We kew it but were not allowed to do anything about it.

verity said...

Going out with one's face covered in Britain is an offence. You cannot wear a Margaret Thatcher mask or a Kim Il-Jong mask, you cannot wear a pair of tights over your head, you cannot wear a motorcycle helmet, other then while riding the motorcycle.

Women out on the streets of Britain wearing niqabs are breaking the law and should be arrested or ticketed.

There is no injunction in the koran that they should dress so, but the point is, even if there were, the law of the country trumps "laws" of foreign religions.

Observer said...

I was reading in the Sunday Times about the Delhi massacres of women and children during the 1857 Mutiny.

now read a contemporary report in The Times of the same incident....or a good history book.

General Nicholson did a good job dealing with the aftermath

Mark Field said...

"Going out with one's face covered in Britain is an offence."

bit hard lines for brides on their wedding day, or peopole wishing to escape midge bites in Scotland...

CCTV said...

Mark Field said...

"Going out with one's face covered in Britain is an offence."

bit hard lines for brides on their wedding day, or peopole wishing to escape midge bites in Scotland...

10:28 AM

or wearing stockings over their heads when visiting the bank....

verity said...

cctv - You must live in a funny neighbourhood. I have never in my life seen a bride in a veil you couldn't see through. They're very flimsy and transparent.

I believe I mentioned wearing a stocking pulled over your head in my post and didn't follow your reason for restating it.

Do people in Scotland wear veils over their faces to protect themselves from midges on the streets. Again, this is something I have never seen.

Laban said...

Bad news for beekepers.

But verity has a point.

By Aidan McGurran

A MAN collecting signatures backing Jack Straw's criticism of Muslim veils was arrested - because he was wearing a balaclava.

James Scott, 40, wore the black headpiece to demonstrate veils were a barrier to communication.

But he refused to remove it when asked by two women police officers."

FlyingRodent said...

Jesus, still banging on about the immigrants?

You never did run that sub-headline, the one about how you were a full-on culture warrior.

I imagine you forgot about it - you said you would do it, after all. We discussed it at great length.

I'm sure you're not scared to discuss the issue of culture war or anything. I'm also sure that your readers would fully appreciate a good look at the basis of your nasty political ideology.

Come on, would it hurt?

Laban said...

Hi, Rodent. Like so many things its on the back burner. I'm pretty busy and posts with a lot of original writing take a lot more time than this generic cut'n'paste.

You've reminded me though.

verity said...

I just read in the paper today that some muslim bint sitting on a jury (boy, had I been the defendant, I would have had my lawyer challenge an islamic woman, that is for sure!)was listening to her iPod under her burqa.

All this headgear has to go. It doesn't fit in with our legal system and our legal system is paramount to their belief system.

FlyingRodent said...

Generic cut 'n' paste

I fully understand - my intention is to make politics entertaining, rather than infuriating. I find it incredibly easy to compose shit-flinging diatribes, but I almost always find them embarrassing when I revisit them.

Nonetheless, I'd enjoy hearing your thoughts - unlike the BBC, which is monolithic and unresponsive, I'm a real, live lefty liberal who would be more than happy to answer your charges.

Any time you like is good for me.