Saturday, July 07, 2007

More Upper Class Lefties

Thanks to Harry's Place, something on the background of the Guardian's Seaumus 'Mad Dog' Milne.

"You know what they used to say in the twenties ? 'Show us your calluses ! Why are your hands so white and puffy ?' Now that was Marxism !"

"I've been a worker, I've worked !" cried Rusanov, ..."

from Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn's Cancer Ward.


Marcusa said...

Laban link is to Alasadair Milne

paul ilc said...

Who is the pater of Seamus, murcusa.

Marcusa said...

Thanks Paul ilc
I was looking for a link to Seamus not his dad. But I bet Seamus has been seething with resentment ever since he attended Bog Lane Community Comprehensive and was made to sweep chimneys to earn his pocket money and to buy his dad the Guardian