Wednesday, June 20, 2007

More Siblings Slaughtered

The mighty Aaro joins the "yer mum killed yer baby brother" club.

"When, in the mid-1960s, with four children already, after several miscarriages and with little money, my mother took herself to an illegal abortionist for a termination, she was not in my view committing a moral abomination. In fact what she was doing was morally right."

I know not if Mrs Aaro is still with us, hopefully so, but if so I hope he checked if it was OK to wash the bloodstained linen in public. At least Caitlin Moran fessed up to a deed of her own.


Peter said...

It's a classic Aaro piece. No real argument, a lot of cod psychology/insinuation at the dishonesty of the people's he's trying to rebuke.
And a "heart-warming" anecdote that doesn't prove anything except that Aaro himself is a sweet loveable, compassionate cove who basically thinks all would all right with the world if it weren't for those cantankerous right-wingers.

Bernard said...

FYI, Aaronovitch's mother died a yer or so ago

Mr Grumpy said...

The moral infallibility of Dave's Mum. This they call liberalism.