Sunday, June 17, 2007

More Dhimmitude ...

I read this Iowahawk piece and thought it was well over the top - a crude caricature of white liberal grovelling to Islam.

Then I read the original, by Time Out Editor-at-large Michael Hodges. Blimey.

(via Tim Blair)

UPDATE - Michael Hodges, the man the BBC call when they want to know about moobies, was the proud (jointly with one Rebecca Taylor) recipient of a Commission For Racial Equality RIMA ("Race in the Media") award for 2006, alongside the massed ranks of BBC and Guardian staffers. I wonder when he came round to thinking that the burqua might be a good idea ?

The entire world and his three wives have blogged this piece. Just a few samples :

"Tell me this is a joke"

"Michael Hodges of Time Out London is definitely a glass half full kind of guy"

Now, it appears to me that Hodges is writing in all seriousness, in which case we are dealing with a psychologically and morally sick cretin on a par with Madeleine Bunting. On the other hand, the article is so extreme that we could be witnessing the emergence of the greatest satirist since Swift.

"you really do have to read this to believe it"

Time Out readers seem a little stunned too.


verity said...

The writer's probably ex-FO. And, given that it's Time Out, probably a Florence of Arabia.

WASPY said...

"The annual fasting month of Ramadan instils self-discipline, courtesy and social cohesion."

Yeah, right.
Try doing a google search for Ramadan riots and you'll find out how disciplined and courteous muslims are during Ramadan.

verity said...

Well, Waspy, at least they're more disciplined and courteous and show more social cohesion than they do during hadj, when they stampede one another to death. It's usually around 700 dead, although I read they've brought in intelligent WESTERN methods of crowd control now, and sadly the hadj stampede may be a thing of the past.

Too bad. But we cannot cling to the past.

Dave said...

The science explains these peoples stupidity.

Why You Can't Teach An Old Dog New Tricks

Cognitive Lock-in

Anonymous said...

Alcohol is indeed banned. Heroin, however, is quite popular....

Jockney said...

Time Out used to have a large Gay readership. Have they all gone or something? Or don't the editors of the mag know that Islam and Queerdom do not mix?

alex zeka said...

Time Out's queer readership (and editorship?) is probably having a laugh. They can prophesise and work towards whatever they want; it's not like they or their offspring are gonna be around to experience it themselves! Jutht relakth and enjoy the Arab boys, dah-link.