Tuesday, February 20, 2007

True Brit

Tales of London are tales from another world. Note the severity of the six-year "life" term. I have a feeling we'll be hearing from Mr Iskander again :

Even more sinister were his diaries in which he not only fantasised about notorious child murder cases, but in which he graphically plotted what he was going to do and how he had tracked the girls and knew their every movement for at least 18 months. He even described how the police would arrive when he dragged the 11 year-old off the street.

Mr Carr said: "He goes on to compare himself with others convicted of high-profile similar crimes. He fantasises about the Soham murders of Jessica and Holly and having sex with them in their Manchester United shirts.

"He also fantasises about the Belgian paedophile, Marc Dutroux."

British-born Christopher Iskander, who has a Turkish father and German mother
, had one previous conviction for attacking a pal with a hammer. He was jailed for two years for that attack which was also planned and written up in his diaries.

Iskander pleaded guilty to charges of trespass with intent to rape, oral rape and attempted rape relating to the attack on the nine-year-old and two charges of having a sawn-off-shotgun with intent to rape the nine year-old and sexually assault the 11-year-old girl and one of kidnapping the older girl.

He was given a life sentence for public protection of which he must serve at least six years before consideration for parole.


Dave said...

I checked the meaning of parole on wikipedia.
Quite funny what it says: "Parole can have different meanings depending on the area and judiciary system. All of the meanings derive from the French parole, meaning "(spoken) word". The term became associated with the release of prisoners based on prisoners giving their word of honor to abide by certain restrictions."

haha, what a joke.

alex zeka said...

British born. Not noticeably Islamic. Reasonably educated. Still a bleedin' bastard.

Blood will tell, Laban, no matter how much 'radical right' social conservatives like yourself might kvetch on about assimilation and the grotesque chimera (in both the modern and the mythological senses)of Judeo-Christianity. Both are ideas dreamt up by deracinated philosophers with a penchant for disgusting personal lifestyles.

If you might think that Feminism,the Frankfurt School, invade the world/invite the world pseudo-conservatism and their absentee father Communism were not all the products of a libertine, feullationist detachment from hearth and home, then I would suggest you head over to Majority Rights, and read one wintermute's comments. These put forward with a persuasive articulacy and erudition an alternative explanation of by whom and why this catastrophe was unleashed on us. And some interesting proposals for appropriate punishment for this conspiracy to commit mass rape and pillage, puishment which will amount to rather more than six years in a tax-funded, television and porn filled 'prison'.

What social conservative could possibly object to tough justice for those advocating sexual depravity with intent to harm?

Dave said...

One telling comment I read on MR was:
"The overly-optimistic notion that immigrants will inevitably assimilate to Canadian values is contradicted by the example of the French and Anglo communities. After some 300 years, neither wants to blend in with the other."

Sad but true.