Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Ian Blair - Foot In Mouth Again

Calling the Royal Ulster Constabulary 'paramilitaries' is all in a days work for the PC publican (Wrekin College, fees 10-21K) who :

Thinks that Haringey residents are happy to leave their doors unlocked and open; not everyone agrees;

Can't understand why the Soham murders were in all the papers.

Who says "If you’re not broadly against the police when you’re a teenager, you’re not much of a teenager."

And who thinks that people who pay for private security guards are 'crazy'.

By their friends shall ye know them.


Martin said...


1. The only sense the RUC might have been considered 'paramilitary' would be if they had held a role similar similar to that of the Carabinieri in Italy; which they didn't, so they weren't.

2. Would like to know what former Met Commissioner Sir Kenneth Newman, might think of such comments, given that he commanded both the RUC and the Met.

3. What paramilitary would receive the GC?

Blithering Bunny said...

I used to live in Haringey about 6 years ago. I'm very glad to know that that former shit-hole has suddenly turned overnight into Magic Fairyland. I must put on my Golden Pixie Slippers and fly back there.

(Nottingham's no better. A few weeks ago the police blocked off my street. I asked a policemen what had happened and he said there had been a stabbing. I scoured the papers and Google for weeks afterwards and never saw any mention of it anywhere.)