Sunday, February 18, 2007

Boom ! Boom !

From the B-BBC comments :

I hate Livingstone's obvious Jew-baiting and find his politics infuriating, but he has been quite a useful Mayor and still is managing to get things done. Public transport has improved under him, in spite of the part-privatization of the Tube forced on him by that damned Scot (who never got a vote in London in his life) and there is a general sense of things getting done and decisions getting taken.
Fabio P.Barbieri | 18.02.07 - 1:07 pm |

You've just described Hitler.
Anonymous | 18.02.07 - 1:35 pm |


Foxy Brown said...

"Our Ken" doesn't appear to be very fond of the English. The majority population are like strangers in their own land, unable to celebrate their history and its cultural heroes in the capital city. Funds are allocated to every other minority group for various festivals and fetes, such as Chinese New Year, St. Paddy's Day, the Mela, the Notting Hill Carnival - I could go on and on.

Why on earth do you silly (I mean that in the nicest possible way) Englishmen and women allow this to happen?

Fulham Reactionary said...

"[A] general sense of things getting done and decisions getting taken."

Not from where I'm sitting. The general sense I get is of an attention-seeking, obnoxious, far-left imbecile, who hasn't really done anything (except the congestion charge), and brings London's name (and Britain's) into disrepute with his offensive comments and his fawning over every nutcase he can find, just as long as they hate Jews and Americans.

Having said that, I find the reductio ad Hitlerum method of arguing particularly irritating. There are many better ways of attacking Livingstone.

Dave said...

FB, I guess there is no single answer, but one reason could be denial, I have often 'discussed' out of control immigration with friends and acquaintance's since I took an interest in politics in my mid teens, about 14 years ago.
I was usually met with something like "don't worry about it, its just the Daily Mail exaggerating". These people basically didn't know anything about the subject they just 'couldn't' believe things were anything like they were. I remember talking to a guy about the first wave of EU immigrants, 300,000 plus, I said, no way he said, totally impossible otherwise he'd have seen more of them! he said shaking his head.
I know you weren't talking about immigration but I think the attitude is the same regards the 'culture war' people would rather believe the media make up the bad stories about Winterval instead of Christmas etc than accept 'something unusual' is going on.

JuliaM said...

"You've just described Hitler."

I thought it was Mussolini who was supposed to make the trains run on time...?

And with the blasted Oyster and increasing fares, I wouldn't be so quick to give Mad Kenny any credit for improved Tubes at all!

Serf said...

A chimpanzee could improve public transport with the increase in Council Tax that Red Ken has been responsible for.

Good management would have been better services for the same (or modest increase in) cost.

madne0 said...

juliam: sure, Mussolini made the trains run on time, but titler did that AND hated the jews. Closer to Red Ken, imo.

PS: OK, OK, Ken doesn't hate jews, he just loathes them.

verity said...

Agree with Foxy Brown. And let us not forget putting the obscenity of that statue of that Lapper woman in a London square dedicated to British heroes.

He doesn't just hate Jews. He hates Britain.

Voyager said...

Dave, you live in a country where people are so unimaginative that they never look beyond the obvious.

Most people go through life and don't wake up until they are dead and being wheeled into the crematorium furnace. They have no idea that it ended and cannot understand that their time is up - they live life like a soap opera convinced there will be a new series.

The mental state of too many people today is simply detachment from reality because reality becomes just another fictional option like switching channels.

They don't see animals turn into meat; babies die and be buried; starvation and hunger; nor do they see death - it is all sanitised and kept out of sight in a nice cosy world we once restricted to the nursery but now won't let the babies grow up and put away childish things

Anonymous said...

A fantastic ripose from Mr A.