Monday, November 06, 2006

Why, oh why ?

I enjoy the blogs of Ian Dale and Guido, but I understand exactly what Richard North means when he accuses Ian of - if I understand him - not taking politics seriously.

It's a fair point. Ian and Guido are in the entertainment end of the politics business - and very good at it. But it's true that they tend to concentrate on the bear-garden, who's up, who's down, personality side. Great fun it is too.

Mr North regrets that 'the growing power and influence of the blogosphere is frittered away on trivia and puerile "tee-hee" comment.' Presumably he considers that Ian and Guido could harness their large and influential readership to create real political change rather than a change of personalities.

He may be right. But isn't it just as true to say that the large and influential readerships are because of the trivia and personalities ? People like stories about John Prescott waking up in the morning and feeling Rosie all over. Hello magazine sells more then Prospect.

That comparison's a little unfair. But these musings are inspired by Ian's apparent amazement at the BNP getting 26% in a Rotherham council election. It's the demography, Ian.


Anonymous said...

Guido is just a troublemaker. It's the blog of the kid who tells the teacher to f-off because he thinks it's cool. Everyone else thinks he's a twat but they play along and snigger because authority is ultimately there to be undermined.

But Iain Dale, on the other hand, is a formidable political commentator when he wants to be.

The only problem is he seems to reserve his 'best stuff' for Tory TV these days.

And that means watching Ann Widdecombe late at night. Shiver.

Anonymous said...


Perhaps for example that is why I, with a strong centre right political outlook, go to Harry's Plave or Normblog for serious political comment rather than Iain Dale or Guido.

Guido Fawkes Esq. said...


Guessedworker said...

Neither has a philosophical grounding nor any understanding of the real nature of politics. But superficial bloggers are superficial people, and others just like them will always think that's the real deal. It's sad, indeed possibly disastrous, that so many of our people have such a limited capacity to enquire. But the Bell Curve is what it is and, as a good woman once remarked, you can't buck the market.

JuliaM said...

"...that is why I, with a strong centre right political outlook, go to Harry's Plave or Normblog for serious political comment rather than Iain Dale or Guido."

It's not an either/or option - personally, I read Harry's Place AND Guido....

archduke said...

i read both. and both have their place.

Anonymous said...

Re Rotherham, I think it might be even simpler. You've got a lot of genuinely poor folks being put through the mill by the Dept of SS, for tiny handouts, then they turn on the TV and see folks bouncing down the steps of the plane announcing "I'm being, like, persecuted or something. Give me some money!" and being given free everything, no questions asked.

So Joe Bloke gets the third degree by folks convinced there's actually a thriving black market for 58 year old ex-steelworkers in South Yorkshire, while some Taliban scumbag's living it large in his free, fully-furnished flat. Hey - Nick Griffin might be crazy, but it's all relative.


verity said...

I think Iain's a good political commentator. Of course, he's biased, but then, most of us are. And rather Iain's courteous and insightful interjections and canny leading of the discussion than the agenda-laden Jon Snow or Jeremy Paxman, for example.

Anonymous/dumb john, there is a complete divide, not to say blackout, between Westminster Village/Media Village and the population of Britain. And kow-towing to 'A' listers, who are one of 'them' will make the problem far worse. Constituences should tell the current Conservative 'leadership' to stay up on the ice floes with their huskies and their "climate change" agenda and let everyday people get on with leading the country.

It's so eerie to watch the old-time "governing class" still thinking they're relevant and trying to control a country they don't understand, haven't even studied and have little interest in, in a broad sense.

The OEs are focussed on having their turn at the bat. No grand ideas, no deep understanding and love of their country, just it's their turn and they should force the chaps on the opposing team to acknowledge this.

This socialist government is indistinguishable by accent or education, from the Conservatives who want their turn. There is not a hair's breadth between them. If the "Conservatives" get their turn, there will be no change.

Dangerouslysubversivedad said...


You write well. You should really get your own Blog you know.