Saturday, November 11, 2006

A Sough o'War

RANGERS will become the first major football club to wear poppies on their shirts when they turn out today against Dunfermline.

Captain Barry Ferguson and his team-mates are making the gesture to help spread the Remembrance Day message to younger fans.

SPL bosses have allowed the players to have poppies sewn on their strips.

Rangers say the shirt gesture is linked to a can collection outside the ground and a minute's silence before the match.

The corn was turnin', hairst was near,
But lang afore the scythes could start
A sough o' war gaed through the land
An' stirred it to its benmost heart.
Nae ours the blame, but when it came
We couldna pass the challenge by,
For credit o' our honest name
There could be but one reply.
An' buirdly men, fae strath an' glen
An' shepherds fae the bucht an' hill,
Will show them a', whate'er befa',
Auld Scotland counts for something still.

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