Saturday, November 11, 2006

Today's Early Release Murderer - Thomas Wood

Thomas Lee Wood, 22, launched his unprovoked attack on Tom Grant, 19, without warning, suddenly lunging at him as he sat in his seat on a crowded express train. Tom, in his first year at St Andrews University, Scotland, and hoping to become a Sandhurst cadet, had no chance to defend himself.

One blow from Wood's stolen 11-inch kitchen knife pierced his heart and aorta, killing him "with callous efficiency". Covered in his own blood, the teenager had time only to cry out: "I've been stabbed." His killer then tried to break down an interior train door to reach other passengers and staff, who had fled in terror.

Wood, of Skelmersdale, Merseyside, made his escape by smashing a window with a fire extinguisher. He was later held at a police road block.

Last night, as the killer was jailed for life with the recommendation that he serve at least 21 years, police disclosed that he had been released from prison on licence less than six weeks earlier.

This case was brought to you by the Probation 'Service'. There'll be more soon !


Anonymous said...

What on earth was he out on licence for? 21 years seemed lenient befoe this bit of info; now it seems worse.

Anonymous said...

He is utterly useless as well as being a violent nutter - do Britain a favour and hang him.