Friday, November 10, 2006

Today's Early Release Rapist

James Marshall.

The court heard Marshall had previous convictions for rape, aggravated burglary and assault.

He was jailed for six years in 1987 for the violent rape of a young girl, who was dragged out of bed at knifepoint.

Marshall attacked the youngster in a churchyard near her home before taking her back to the house and burgling it.

In his 1992 attack, Marshall pounced on his pregnant victim as she walked across fields off Marsden Street in Bury.

1987 + 6 years = 1993.

But in 1992 he was carrying out the rape for which he's just been convicted.

This case was brought to you by the Probation 'Service'. There'll be more soon !

PS - I notice the Probation 'Service' site has information for the following categories :

Practitioners (the people who let the criminals out and the tax-funded lawyers who defend the criminals)

Sentencers (the Magistrate)

Offenders (criminals to you and me)

Can you spot the missing category ?

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Vote Franco (fdm) said...

I think you mean the victim Laban, but they don't count.