Saturday, April 29, 2006

Prescott Latest ...

The Times :

"Mr Prescott has taken advice from friends such as Rosie Winterton, the Health Minister"

Sounds a sensible choice. As Drinking From Home (who also has a Cherie Blair exclusive) points out, Rosie is an expert on marriage.

March 2002 : "I want to reiterate that this Government supports marriage politically and financially. It recognises that marriage is the surest foundation for raising children ... We all understand that, in healthcare, prevention is better than cure. What we must now seek to do is take the same understanding forward into all areas of work on marriage and relationship support. To work on fostering the welfare and well-being of relationships."

April 2002 : "Most of us have a pretty good idea of how to look after our own health. But too many people have little or no idea about relationship well being – what to do if their relationship gets into difficulty. Or, more importantly, how to secure a better chance of avoiding problems in the first place."

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