Thursday, April 27, 2006

One Woe Doth Tread Upon Another's Heel ...

... so fast they follow.

BBC Radio News are reporting around 900 prisoners whose nationality is not known, and about another 600 who claim to be British but whose status is doubtful. Making a total of 11,500-odd foreigners out of 72,000 prisoners.

Apparently Charles Clarke, when he offered his resignation to Blair and had it refused. hadn't bothered to tell him that another 300-odd had walked free after he (Clarke) knew about the problem. The rate of release actually accelerated after that.

If Clarke doesn't go for this, what DOES a minister resign for ?

Apparently we're unlikely to find the released murderers and rapists - despite the fact that they're supposed to be monitored. Shows how secure the whole early release system is.

"Sir David Normington, the department's permanent secretary, said attempts were being made to find more than 900 offenders who should have been considered for deportation when they left jail.

However, he was unable to give MPs a commitment that the information was available, despite the fact that murderers are released on life licences that should ensure they are routinely monitored"

In totally unrelated news, a murderer out on licence gets ANOTHER life sentence for raping a child. Perhaps the first life sentence should have actually meant what it said.

"After the case, West Yorkshire Probation service said public protection was its highest priority."

Of course it isn't - otherwise murderers would never be released.

In more totally unrelated news, we see how tough the system is on foreign criminals :

"The leader of an immigration scam that cost the taxpayer more than £500,000 has been jailed for four years.
Mohammed Faruq, 56, was at the head of a scam to bring over Pakistani relatives who then changed their names and applied for asylum and benefits.

He pleaded guilty to harbouring illegal immigrants and conspiracy to defraud.

Sixteen people have been convicted over false asylum claims and false benefit claims amounting to £611,000 in Oxford between 2000 and 2004.

According to council officials who investigated the case, Faruq - a well-known member of the East Oxford community and a social housing landlord - would provide them with emergency accommodation costing up to £235 a night then claimed rent back from the county council's social services. "

Fair enough - I presume Mr Faruq is an upstanding British citizen - although I'd happily do two years (you only serve half the sentence) for £500,000. Seems a decent pay rate. But what of the bogus asylum seeksrs, who'd come to the UK specifically to defraud taxpayers ?

"Most received suspended sentences and none of those brought into the country were recommended for deportation, on grounds of human rights and the fact that they now had children in the country, according to council officials."

On grounds of human rights, eh ? The human right to move to a country and defraud its citizens !

One last fatuity.

"We are looking to recover assets from Mr Faruq under the proceeds of Crime Act but this is still in the early stages. We are looking to recover a substantial sum of money."

You'd think Thames Valley Police would have heard of hawala.


Anonymous said...

We always knew things were bad at the Home Office but the latest revelations are almost unbelieveable. If ever there was proof positive of the reality and extent of the damage permissive politically correct attitudes have got us, this is it.

Daniel Lucraft said...

900+600 = 1500 ??

Anonymous said...

Of course, once you have to get your ID card swiped before you can buy petrol or airline tickets, withdraw cash, rent a flat, etc etc, it will become much easier to find these people. Maybe.

How long before some politician claims this anyway?

Anonymous said...

As anon above points out the ID card system might catch them out - and if we hadnt let the likes of them in we wouldnt need ID cards! Its beautiful, almost as if things were allowed to get this bad so we would need an ID system. Surely not?


Anonymous said...

Will foreign nationals be required to have an ID Card? Me thinks not.

Dave said...

You're right, (4) 2 years is a pathetic sentence for £500,000.
Almost anyone would take that deal.
Its not a punishment, barely an inconvenience.
He should have got about 15 real years.
That would have at least had some effect.

Anonymous said...

Anon: ¨Of course, once you have to get your ID card swiped ... it will become much easier to find these people. Maybe.¨

Nope! The scheme will have to give out ID cards to almost 40 million people, in a fairly short period of time. They won´t have time or actually care if 3 million of those people shouldn´t have one.

Anon: ¨How long before some politician claims this anyway?¨

In the first instance, ID cards are for the EU not the UK (in my opinion). Second, we are a f*****g island, if the government of an island can´t control passage across its borders ....

Mark T said...

Call me old fashioned, but maybe the answer is not to provide any benefit for anyone who is not a British citizen. Let in any immigrant who can prove a country of origin on a one year visa. If after 1 year they are not able to provide evidence of gainful tax paying employment then they can go straight back.