Sunday, February 12, 2006

A Wee Post .. and a Great Quote ... and a Scary Video

The post at Biased BBC.

The quote - I'd let this Dumb Jon post past me, as I avert my eyes from anything about David Cameron.

"Desirable social ends can best be achieved by bringing together the very best brains in the public sector, setting them to work on a particular problem, then calling in an air strike."

I wouldn't always agree with that, mind. A load of government brains didn't do too badly at developing radar (along with the Post Office !) in the late 30s and getting a great operational system going a few years later. In latter years, as the Royal Signals and Radar Establishment, they developed some rather nifty devices called Liquid Crystal Displays - what you're probably viewing this on.

Our wonderful government has just given them a stupid, meaningless name and privatised them. Privatisation must be good, because the stake the government unloaded in 2002 to an American company for £42m is now worth about £300m.

UPDATE - you must see this post (and video) at No Pasaran ! Brave guys.


stuart said...

Two very brave men indeed! And Kudos to the equally brave French policewoman who got them away. Dad to say that had it been London instead of France, the pair would have been arrested by the PC PC's and charged with some trumped-up public order offence. Thanks for posting the link

Eamonn said...

Do you think the pair are Alan Rusbridger and Simon Kelner?

Molly Johnson said...

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