Wednesday, February 15, 2006

God, I Hate This Government

Cretinous Charles Clarke (RealAudio) is on the Today programme as I type, explaining how laws against 'glorification of terrorism' would have enabled prosecution of the other Friday's placard-holders.

You hypocrite. There were enough incitements and threats on those placards to get all their holders arrested. Only the political will to enforce the existing law was lacking. As it still will be. For some people. Native Brits with such placards would have been down the nick before you could say 'Nick Griffin'.

This Government seems to operate by an iron rule.

People aren't obeying existing laws ? Pass some more.

Let's go to work before my blood pressure exceeds government recommended limits.


The_Squirrel said...

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Anonymous said...

You know things are bad when this government has deliberately allowed Islamic terrorism to flourish, which is probably why they won't arrest any Islamist threatening to kill us - but would surely arrest any law abiding citizen threatening to kill these Islamists!

The Islamic community promised a few years ago that they'll fight us with our own laws and conquer us using our freedom of speech. It seems they're doing just that.

The government could stop the growing threat of Islam - but won't. They prefer to insult the victims of Islamic terrorism by allowing the creatures of hate the privilege of hijacking free speech and democracy - and giving them far more freedoms than their victims, whom they choose to gag, rather than allow them to speak out.

The UK has really lost the plot now - no-one has the balls to fight an even greater threat to us than the Nazis, but instead, choose to go down the slippery slope of appeasement.

Snafu said...

When will the Government arrest 20(?) Imams preaching hate comparable to Abu Hamza?

PS Surely they would say "Nick Nick Griffin"!?!

James said...

You should have heard Blunkett on the Radio 4 news this evening...I was yelling at the radio, as usual...

Anonymous said...

Thanks to the Electoral Commission who failed to resign when NuLabour rejected their advice on the weakness of postal voting, and proper constituency reform, NuLabour bought the muslim vote. If our ruling elite class deport the 20 known terrorist immams they would lose that crucial muslim vote. The bloody silly congenitally voting labour idiots in Scotland and Wales will always vote labour and so can be ignored, they can't help themselves, reflex voters.
Do not depend on the other parties, they are part of the ruling political class.