Saturday, February 18, 2006

AL Kennedy - "Okay, this may sound crazy"

Tragically for aficionados, it doesn't sound genuinely, full-on hide-the-knives crazy. Very poor form. Going through the motions after a 6-month Guardian layoff. Living off past glory.

Subject : disposing of politicians who've done ... well, not sure.

Madness rating : moderate to poor, rain later
Phase of Moon : nearly full - (on Feb 9) so all the more of a let-down.

Mentions of
Depleted Uranium : Yes
Reality TV : Yes
Christians : No
Porn : No
Blood : Yes
Celebrities : Yes
Bush'n'Blair : Blair ("increasingly mad eyes"), Bush ("crushing the testicles of the person's child")
Swearing : No

Ms Kennedy is another one who won't be passing her culture to her non-existent posterity.

The usual 'edge' of her work may be being distilled into this - her stand-up comedy show (don't think I'll be taking the kids). While it's not the bravery of a squaddie in Basra, she is a trouper. Grudging respect.

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