Friday, April 02, 2010

Lackey and Sweeney

Hippies, VW camper van, autoharp, guitar, denim skirts, 1973 - what's not to like ? Pull up a floor cushion and have another piece of barm-brack with that Earl Grey !

Billy Lackey and Kathleen Sweeney from "Junk Store Songs For Sale", a 1973 Village Thing LP recorded somewhere in Gloucestershire.

I know nothing about them except that Kathleen was pretty obviously at that period of her life a Type 2 girl, and that an LA guitarist called Steve Waddington has one of their hand-made Appalachian Dulcimers. Whether that be this Steve Waddington I dinna ken.


vw Camper said...

Nice VW Camper, I love the period shot - which I suspect was taken in the US somewhere - it being a LHD Bus

Steve said...

Sweet. Laban, was about to correct you re a type 2 girl. The VW is clearly a type 1.
But I dutifully followed the link and discovered you meant something quite different.
I used to be a type 2 guy, but now am proud owner of an ex-AA type 4. Power steering and 120 odd turbo hp. MMMMM!!
Not very hippy-ish, I spose though... said...

I knew Kathy Sweeney when I went to college in Tucson Arizona. She had parted ways with Lackey (so much for the type 2 assessment, whatever that fuck that's about.....) and was singing on her own and then in a rock band called Swing Shift. I left Tucson and so did she, since the lovely desert town also happens to be a very transient type of place...she went to LA, acted in a movie with Dennis Hopper and that's the last I hear of her. She had the most marvelous voice and a wonderful raspy laugh. We were all hippies (or freaks) back then, and I would love to have that van now, at least it had character.