Friday, February 05, 2010

Friday Night Is Music Night (Global NeoCon Special)

Come on. When did Polly Toynbee or George Monbiot last step into the studio to do a Christmas single ?

Mark Steyn may not be God's gift to performing music (as opposed to his brilliant writing on the subject), but Jessica Martin keeps him comfortably afloat here.


Anonymous said...

No ability to comment on the safe sex posting?

Surely the crucial figures to look at would not be how many of the test and control groups had sex, but how many had i) STI's and ii) unwanted pregnancies.

If only 10% of the absitence class had sex, but 100% of that 10% had got AIDS, that would be MUCH more relevant than if 46% of the safe sex class had had sex but only 5% had an STI....

Laban - feel free to move this over to the right link if you can

Anonymous said...

Just listened to that. Odd, what was it in aid of, charity thing?

This Jessica Martin sounds perky!

Laban said...

She's a talented lady.

Blognor Regis said...

Did you listen to the Christmas show he did?

The Quebecer Chantuese singing the carol in Huron/French/English/Latin was incredible.

Also, amazing fact, the von Trapp he had on was, of course, granddaughter of Capt and Maria von Trapp but - blimey - an ancestor on her mother's side wrote the music for Stille Nacht! That's pedegree.