Monday, January 04, 2010

NYT - "20% of UK Students Are Muslim"

Is this true ? Seems like a high number to me, although I'd expect 10%ish - after all, a Government report in 2006 said that "in 10 years time, 15% of the workforce will be Muslim".

Where did the New York Times get these figures from ? Anyone know ?

Investigators are now, in fact, turning a sharper and retrospective eye to the passage in Mr. Abdulmutallab’s life that began immediately after his summer in Sana, Yemen, in 2005, when he enrolled as a $25,000-a-year mechanical engineering student at University College London. In recent days, officials in Washington and London have said they are focusing on the possibility that his London years, including his possible contacts with radical Muslim groups in Britain, were decisive in turning him toward Islamic extremism.

That view, if confirmed, would offer a stark reaffirmation that Britain, the United States’ closest ally, continues to pose a major threat to American security. Critics in Britain and the United States say the British security forces, despite major increases in budgets and manpower in recent years, have not yet succeeded in adequately monitoring, much less restraining, the Islamic militancy that thrives in the vast network of mosques that serve the nation’s 1.5 million Muslims — and on university campuses across the country where nearly 100,000 of the 500,000 students are Muslims, including many, like Mr. Abdulmutallab, from overseas.

UPDATE - Muhammad Abdul ('Two million Muslim terrorists') Bari of the Muslim Council of Britain, quoted at Socialist Unity : "there are approximately 100,000 Muslim students at universities across the UK, the vast majority of whom are law-abiding and play a full and active role in student life."


Anonymous said...

There are about 2 million students in the UK so a figure of 400 thousand for Muslims is an exaggeration. After all there are 'only' 1.5 million Muslims in the UK even if foreign students are included.

However, there are hundreds of private 'colleges' which have sprung up in the last ten years.

Many of these 'students' are Pakistanis but exact figures are hard to come by.

A lot of 'official' data is suspect, deliberately so, I think.


Anonymous said...

I suspect there is a lot of double counting going on. "Students" enrolling in multiple colleges for all sorts of fraudulent reasons. And whaddya know! A big %age of them turn out to be of Muslim origin. As long as we politely fail to draw any conclusions from that everything will be OK.

moriarty said...

The 'students' are mostly from fake colleges I would expect, that being seemingly the easiest way into the country for non-euros.

Incidently, there must be far more than 1.5M muslims in the UK now. The 2001 census showed about 1.9M and the number can only have risen since. (even assuming that the 2001 figures were accurate in the first place)

Anonymous said...

The odd thing is that the basic non muslim inhabitants have not become radicalised - when you consider the way things are.

Anonymous said...

The odd thing is that the basic non muslim inhabitants have not become radicalised - when you consider the way things are.

A cynic might suggest that an ever increasing share of our resources are deployed to maintain ythat situation. The news media, popular "culture", education, policing are all working away with that in mind.

Multi-cultural society is a fiction. Its sole purpose is to deligitimise white people and their interests. Only they are required to adhere to its ideals in thought and deed. Everybody else, more or less, gets a free pass, after all we all know it doesnt really matter whether they believe in it or not. Its only enough to pretend that they do, meanwhile poor old whitey is expected to knuckle down.

The day they stop playing ball, the game is over.