Sunday, January 03, 2010

Money From (potential) Misery

As the Walkman generation was succeeded by the mp3 and Ipod generations, and an increasing number of us walked around with plugs in our lugs, I became convinced that we were likely to see and increasing number of not-terribly-elderly with hearing difficulties. Young people just don't like turning it down.

At that point it also became apparent that hearing-aid manufacturers were likely to benefit. But who makes hearing aids ?

This blog gives some investment suggestions. I know nowt about the blog or the companies they suggest (except Siemens), so caveat emptor.

(inspired by this Clive Davis post)


dearieme said...

Or perhaps invest in manufacturers of semaphore flags?

Edwin Greenwood said...

It's not the fear of deafness that puts me off using Walkpersons and their successors, having mastered the use of the volume knob at a relatively early age. It's the sense of isolation they induce.

Whenever I've walked about the streets wearing earphones I've found the loss of auditory information about my environment quite disconcerting, leaving me feel vulnerable. I suspect we make greater use of auditory cues, for example about people approaching us from behind, than we realize.

These days I would only listen to an MP3 player when sitting down, for example on a long train journey when sharing a carriage with jabbering idiots.

I find a similar effect with cars. When riding as a passenger in a car where the driver has music turned up loud, it makes the world outside the car seem somehow unreal and disconnected from the reality inside the vehicle. I find that quite frightening.

Anonymous said...