Friday, January 08, 2010

Just One Cornetto (Friday Night Is Elvis Night)

75 years ago yestreen the man was born - Mark Steyn reveals all about 'It's Now Or Never' aka 'O Sole Mio' aka 'Just One Cornetto':

It was Elvis' biggest hit, selling some 25 million copies worldwide, Number One for five weeks in the US and for eight weeks in Britain. For the rest of his life it was Presley's personal favorite out of all his records. And it was "It's Now Or Never" that spurred Barry White's Pauline prison conversion from a life of crime to a life of heavy-breathing luuuuuurv ballads. Yet it took a long and tortuous path before it fell into the hands of Aaron Schroeder and the King. "It's Now Or Never" has its origins in ...go on, guess.


Close. The Ukraine.

Odessa, to be precise.

In tribute I'd like to introduce you to this remarkable take on 'Just One Cornetto', sung by what sounds like Lisa Gerrard's little sister. Love the guitar, too - and I especially love the unexpected, falling last line. Sing more, sister !

It's a long way from Tupelo to Bulgaria. But while we're on the subject of women with exceptional voices ...

And finally ... bear with me on this one. I've always been fond of stuff with sequencers - 'Baba O'Reilly' - type music. The song, such as it is, is merely the bread either side of the extended jam sandwich in the centre. Kicks in after about 45 seconds. The studio version is better.

But this is almost worth watching for the clothes and the 'dancing' alone IMHO - a real 1972 cultural artefact. Curved Air.

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Dave said...

Ah- Curved Air with Stuart Copeland on drums- pre Police.