Saturday, April 25, 2009

We're Not Having Kids Part 503 - Liz Forgan

Times interview with the current Arts Council chairman :
There are, she thinks, two reasons for her becoming such a successful woman. During her single-sex education it never crossed her mind that women could not run things. “And I don't have children. It is unquestionably much more difficult for women with children to have a long-term career. I am in awe of women with children juggling 18 balls but the superwoman myth went too far. In your life if you are a daughter, mate, parent and have a career you cannot give 100 per cent of time to all of them.”
Laban thinks single-sex education is a Good Thing, too - particularly for girls.

But it's funny. She doesn't seem in awe of this successful woman with kids :

I have been a card-carrying feminist for 40 years and this woman has found somewhere in me a little kernel of sexism. She causes me to make a failure of sisterhood. Sorry Charlie but I cannot stand her candy coated philistinism, I hate her crass creationism, I loath her parading of her family about the place, God forgive me I even hate her teenage hair ...


JuliaM said...

It does seem to be the childless, give-up-everything-for-a-career- women that hate Sarah Palin the most, doesn't it?

Why, it's almost as if there's something Freudian about it... ;P

dearieme said...

She's a snob.

Anonymous said...

Is Andrew Sullivan a "childless woman"?

Laban said...

anonymous - he's certainly childless. I think I'll "take the Fifth" on the rest !