Wednesday, April 22, 2009

"Mit der Dummheit kämpfen die Götter selbst vergebens"

Dave Osler pronounces on the budget :

I’m not as gloomy as he appears to be about issues of demographics, if only because further mass immigration obviously has the potential to rejuvenate the population of this island once the politicians can get their head round the idea.

There's enough material there for a whole conference.


Anonymous said...

further mass immigration obviously has the potential to rejuvenate the population of this island.

With all due respect to Mr Osler, thats b******s. Unless maybe he means Poles.

Martin said...

Who's Dave Osler?

Mark said...

Martin, Osler is a new name to me as well. The shocking thing is that he describes himself on his blog as a 'British journalist'.
Does that mean that somebody actually pays him to extrude bilge like this (re the Shakilus Townsend stabbing)-

'He did die, making him the 18th teenager to meet a violent end in London this year. And – let’s not dodge the reality in the name of misguided political correctness – the majority of both victims and perpetrators in these cases are black.

The tabloids will demand that the politicians ‘do something’, and so the politicians will oblige with ‘knife summits’ and ‘crackdowns’ that will garner some favourable coverage but achieve little on the ground.

But this problem goes deeper than anything that can be encapsulated in an easy headline. The processes involved are social, and ultimately the answers have to be social, too.

These killings are not happening in Hampstead or the leafier bits of RBKC, but rather in some of the most deprived parts of the capital. Social exclusion – to use the currently fashionable euphemism – and racism are a large part of the explanation, to be sure.

The left must continue to make its longstanding case for a determined assault on inequality, job insecurity, low pay, bad housing and discrimination on the grounds of ethnicity, and against further erosion of civil liberties.'


So, he starts off promising not to 'dodge reality' on pc grounds- and then reproduces all the pc cliches in the book when it comes to suggesting remedies.

His name would sound good as good newly coined verb- to osler ; meaning the actions of a sandalista or Guardianista on autopilot.

Homophobic Horse said...

This suffocating political paradigm is eating away at my soul.