Saturday, April 25, 2009

Hmmm ...

Not noticed this chap (parental advisory - foul language) before, but ...

"Griffin - I will not grace you with the honorific 'Mister', which applies to members of the human race - YOU, and your cabal of ***** are the ones who are not British. You have no concept of what the word means, no sense of responsibility to this country. Your deluded, vile, racist leaflets harken back to the awful days of the Reich's 'Nuremberg Laws'.

You and your ilk are the ones who don't deserve the right to exist in this country. One day, I fervently wish you get your own Nuremberg moment. I'll even pull the lever myself."

Er ... are you wishing that he actually carries out a genocide and starts a war that kills 50-odd million people ?

Or do you want the trial and punishment without the bother of finding any evidence ?

Just asking.

(and will people stop using the female pudendum as a term of abuse ? Just asking.)


Homophobic Horse said...

Found this comment on EURef:

"They can only sneer, denigrate, and victimise the BNP members and voters. The political paradigm the 'political classes' are defending is so absurd and destructive it can only be maintained with violence. The harder they strive against the BNP, the more they deliver votes to the BNP because it reveals what they always were anyway - monsters. If they do nothing they will only slow the BNP. The absolutely cannot go back anymore than the Soviet Union could go back on being a "classless society", it invalidates everything they have been doing for decades."

Timor and Sudan yesterday, Cyprus and Serbia today. What will tomorrow bring? France, Spain, Britain, Sweden, Greece, Bulgaria?

Anonymous said...

My opinion is that the BNP are loved by the establishment because they are a safe enemy. For years they stood next to no chance of electing an MP and certainly not of gaining power.

In the 1920s attitudes of the Nazis were shared (albeit watered down) by many in the west. This is true of Socialists like Jack London and the progressive movement in the US.

There are only a handful of cranks propagating such views today and they are unelectable. Look at the BNP with their skinheads and tatooed bouncers.